Just Shapes and Beats is pretty underrated. Sure the name may not sound too exciting, but for it's simplistic gameplay, it is extremely well done and has quite the difficulty in it. The story line is simple to follow along with, and each boss level is unique in their own ways. Not just the boss levels, but every level (as well as the bonus tracks) have their own sense of difficulty. And the music is just so BADASS! To those who have played this masterpiece, I salute you... Blixer has fallen.....

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More about the Just Shapes and Beats music (from now on, I will refer to it as JSAB for short). Some of the artists' music used are pretty well known, like Nitro Fun and Noisestorm, as well as some that may not be known, such as Danimal Cannon and Sabrepulse. Each level will match the music in every way, the intro, the medley, even the drop, each level was designed to match the music used and it's just perfection.

Almost forgot, for what JSAB has for visuals is actually mind boggling for me. Sure, every level is on a blank black screen with your shape there, but once the music starts, it feels like an entire world emerges from the music. Sure, everything you have to avoid is all pink, but each pink enemy/obstacle makes the level feel different from the last one. And the boss levels aren't just an insane bullet hell (if if they do have insane bullet hells), but each boss is designed with character

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