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i might send oversized hoodie pic when i get home, but idk tho....

in the words of pudgywoke....
"can i get an 'awa awa?'"

i'd rather not get myself into an annoying hellthread

was gonna say something, but i decided not to...

i can't stop laughing at the time this one teacher said "LGBTXYZ"

Being completely naked feels less naked than being naked with shoes on.
-rcivie925, May 2016

What's the thing that's on the end of the cords on hoodies called?

i may need help defining computer words...

the first fedi instance i found was pawoo(dot)net, and at first i'm like "huh, is this just like a japanese twitter or something?" then i discovered other instances and found out "oh, there's more chill ppl here than i thought, i thought it'd only be japanese stuff, good thing everyone is here"

wrong answers only 

i'll start:
Loving Smol Ducks

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wrong answers only 

what does LSD stand for?

i'm abt to put myself through hell.... idfk why

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