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i've done quite a bit of lyric posting today, haven't i?

lyric post 

I'm on a sugar crash
I ain't got no fuckin' cash
Maybe I should take a bath
Cut my fuckin' brain in half
I'm not lonely, just a bit
Tired of this fucking shit
Nothing that I write can make me
Feel good

i'll stop asking pol and computer questions from now on, i just panic when i ask these and feel the urge to stand my ground and be defensive, just saying this for future reference

bad joke 

*in elementary*
teach: what's a type of bird that can't fly
-a dead bird

i only say racial slurs in my jokes, even then, it's just for comedic purposes only, not offending anyone, or not trying to at least

lyric post 

Every time you cross my mind, you get right under my skin
Am I crazy, out my mind, this situation I'm in
And it gets harder just to breathe, feel like the walls are closin' in
But all I need is some closure


texas: "hey everyone move to texas it's great!"

also texas: "what the fuck is with all these people moving to texas from out of state this is some bullshit"

also texas: "tech companies should move to texas!"

also texas: "what the fuck is with all these tech people moving to texas this is some bullshit"

oh shit, 8k posts and i missed it, ah well

i've been rather pissed today, idfk why...

yu know what, i'll stop asking pol questions, i'm just giving myself a headache

trans girls only want one thing and its.. uhm... I like getting hugs from other girls,

lyric post 

And it finally came the day
I start giving my heart away
For Heaven's sake, my bones will break
But you never own my soul, no

thinking of a cute outfit THAT'S NOT A MAID OUTFIT.... :blobcatpout:

let's start with a new (not really) thing: things yu don't need to know yet yu somehow how this fact...

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