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not even 10 minutes and they already arguing here...

oy, i'm the dum one here, i will steil all the dum

oh i forgot how sluggish the tl is here....

haven't changed a thing, just back here until the thing i have gets fixed *because i'm too stupid to do it*

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okie, what to do now.... guess i'll just be back here for now

gonna do a bit of an export here, gotta bring that tl here

art stuff, big pol 

just pick one of my ocs *names only*

last post abt it, but my new main will be @LobaZorrani from now on

welp, I’m back here for now, I guess, I should be back on pleroma in the morning...

barely 1 day on pleroma and I can’t get back in...

is peleona down or something? I can’t get back in...

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