I _really_ think this is _important_. The issue w/SM (asIsee it) is that is a centralized service cannot know _all_ of it's users well enough to make any kind of meaningful decision regarding what's best for anyone.

A billion communities that all talk to one another _can_, with administrators and members who care.

This doesn't come for free, it has _real_ costs in time and effort, _real_ work. Not copy and pasting anything, not just blinding doing what _anyone_ tells you to just because.

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my mastodon's routine:
1) open the notication tab
2) reply to all new mentions, sometimes only boost/fav those when i couldn't think of any reply
3) open the local timeline
4) welcome new users, react to people's toots (reply, boost, fav)
5) open the federation timeline
6) do number 4
7) do everything all over again from number 1-6
8) (optional) toot something that comes accross my mind

J'aime beaucoup le terme"mastonautes". Ca me fait penser à un mammouth en combinaison spatiale, ébahi par les étoiles. Une image plaisante un dimanche matin.

instances.mastodon.xyz lists 326 nodes with over 123,000 combined users. Incredible

trust no one, not even yourself.

sometimes especially not yourself.

Content-creating Twitter Bots have been a fun and positive thing. I've found the bot-making community to be very accessible and inclusive.


There's a few Mastodon bots already, many politely filed away under the botsin.space instance, and Darius Kazemi has made a tool to make OAuth registration easier: tinysubversions.com/notes/mast

I have merged in a bunch of fixes and translations into #Mastodon today, and they are now live on mastodon.social.

I am going to collect & fix a few more bugs and then tag a v1.1.1 release

State of the world right now 

Since I'm somewhat addicted to opening the Birdsite almost every time, Mastodon is a pure blessing in times like this since I can watch-notifications-and-stuff-scrolling without freaking the fuck out. Thanks Mastodon <3

:bird: something is wrong and Twitter should do something to fix it

:elephant: something is wrong and oh I guess we need to work through this complex problem and come up with a solution as a community that works for us and if other people prefer something different they can do that too


I know what you mean. I really didn't realize the degree to which my attention was being commoditized until trying Mastodon.

By comparison, my timeline on the birdsite seems like a no-holds-barred dogfight for my attention between media companies/journalists, product vendors, celebrities and "influencers".

Problem is, that in that model, the ones that will get your attention are the ones that are best at the dogfight, and not necessarily the ones that deserve it.

Quand je me réveillerai, les instances listées sur instances.mastodon.xyz auront dépassé les 100 000 utilisateurs.

I'm looking for other data scientists on here and people tooting about data visualizations and the like. Boost me to help me find people? :pray:

actually why are Mastodon instances not called herds

@spiderrobotpig most of the Mastodon developers are gay, trans, and/or furries. like we had a voice chat last night and it was pretty much all trans women plus Gargron and like one other cis guy.

that said yes the development team is very very white. but seriously anti-harassment is and has been one of our top priorities given that most of us joined to escape harassment.

@spiderrobotpig right now we're trying to fix the back end issues which render instances broken when they get too big, and improve the new user experience and create a landing page. This isn't anti-harassment but it is important and urgent.

After that we want to implement thread notification muting to counter mass-tagging/dragnet harassment, and there's been talks of "Block heatmaps" to help admins identify trouble users. like if a user is blocked by tons of ppl fast I get pinged

Should you use mastodon for sensitive info? Hell no! At least, not unless you're running your own instance, and you know what you're doing.

But you also shouldn't use facebook or twitter for sensitive info! You don't control those platforms either.

Is it just me, or does #mastodon have the urgency of a giant #jailbreak operation right now? We're free, now time to bust our beloveds out of their gilded cages and walled gardens... :)

#platformcoop #buytwitter #twexit

americans complaining about toots being in french: stop

FYI, your email provider can read all your emails. This is not a mastodon specific problem.

Wow, my twitter timeline is full of FUD about mastodon. My mastodon timeline is mostly people meeting new people and talking about things they all love.

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