Got a little news about "my" satellite (I6-F1) this morning. It is still slowly rising into its final geostationary orbit.
I never showed off the Inmarsat swag I got. The socks are my favorite.

Also I didn't know how badly I needed to vacuum that rug until I looked at it in the high-res photos😬

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The cooling fan seemed to cause me problems when I was printing those coasters, but for these I had to turn it back on. Undercooled layers made a big mess out of the curved walls (but only on one side of the print - wha?). Right: no fan, Left: fan at 80% speed.

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Latest iteration of the main "shoulder" joint part. I'm adapting to the PETG material as I go. It's less forgiving of unsupported overhangs than PLA, hence the added built-in support elements in the later example (left).

I know there is other hot news in the US now, but please try to keep Ukraine in your thoughts. And Yemen, Ethiopia, Myanmar ... People in war zones don't have the option of moving on to the next thing. They need our long-term advocacy and help.
Also there's still a pandemic.

People seem to like my gardening posts, so here is a potato update:

In today's blog I ... tell an embarrassing story on myself! This is a little behind-the-scenes on some robotics outreach I did as a grad student. I hope it's fun.

#3dprinting I am new to 3d printing. While I wait for the AnkerMake to be delivered in “August” can anyone recommend good resources to bring me up to speed?

Some of my robot pieces now have "screwdriver divots" whose sole purpose is to give me leverage to pry them off the build plate. The things one learns ...

I never would've thought prairie wildflowers would be so hard to grow. The coneflowers (lower left, orange) are the only ones that robustly came up in large numbers. But I do have four different species and am getting more specimens by germinating them between wet paper towels.

With the PLA prototypes done, I'm churning out robot parts in PETG now.

Finally, that Atronach's Eye update I promised everyone ... uh ... last year? It actually has a camera now! And points at moving objects (kind of).

Let's actuate this thing! (I'm hand-pulling the tendons from off the right side of the view)

The goal for this month was to ... improve the modeling of goals! I did a lot of different little things to try to improve Acuitas' conception of what other agents want and how they prioritize.

"Primordia" is a video game I allude to often. What with it being available for Nintendo Switch and being in the news again, now seems like a good time for me to finally try to distill my thoughts on it.

Another leg joint - this one for the hip/shoulder. It's looking good, but I've already thought of an improvement. I think I want to extend the axle and add a socket in the middle of the guide ring for added support.

ACE (Ambulatory Canine Emulator) the quadruped bot is finally getting a little attention this year, as I prototype yet another iteration of leg joints. Having the printer helps a lot. Maybe I finally have joints without an unacceptable amount of flex?

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