This month, I returned to the good old text parser to put in proper support for adverbs. I set up proper connections between adverbs and the verbs they modify, added support for adverbs that modify adjectives or other adverbs, and incorporated knowledge of the special suffix “-ly.”

This month Acuitas got a self-examining “am I active?” loop, and various other improvements to the top-level executive architecture. This added support for “what are you doing” questions, generalized the process of choosing to do an action somewhat, and laid the groundwork for giving the Executive a more direct role in conversations.

Here's my first attempt at 3D modeling ... not entirely original, since it's from and I had the 3D files from there to start with, but still requiring a great deal of conversion work.

Though this is just a decoration, it gave me a lot of experience working with DesignSpark Mechanical.

The final product is up on Thingiverse, should anybody want to print one of their own:

More photos and details on the blog:

I've been working on a 3D print conversion of the Hissing Silence Shell from . I need to enlarge the surface detail features, but otherwise the test pieces look *great.*

New blog and a DEMO VIDEO! I tell Acuitas a story! This feature took two months, but it's worth it.

Acuitas got two new features this month: first, some defensive behavior to react to threats, and second, some self-disinterested concern for other entities' goals.

Acuitas update: some ability to understand predictive sentences has been added, with an expansion of goal-driven behavior to express approval or disapproval of any contemplated changes.

New blog post in which I review the QIDI Tech X-one 2 3D printer. It's easy to use and great at printing detailed PLA models. Biggest issue was probably its difficulty ejecting filament.

New blog post in which I review the QIDI Tech X-one 2 3D printer. It's easy to use and great at printing detailed PLA models. Biggest issue was probably its difficulty ejecting filament.

This month in Acuitas development: three small new features for the new year.
*Question-answering from the short-term information database
*Communication of current internal states
*“Do you know?” question-answering

This month in Acuitas development: I add a mechanism to identify people from first names only, and tackle the thorny subject of infinitive subjects. The latter starts to reveal the power of the integrated system, as knowledge from the semantic memory is pulled back out to resolve ambiguities in the text parser.

Acuitas update: new linguistic abilities! This is a big one: dependent clause support. This is the cat that chased the rat that ate the malt that …

Acuitas update: he finally tracks short-term states, with some ability to guess when his information is out of date and ask for updates.

I suppose I had to play with GPT-2 eventually. I've seen people use it for lots of fun things, but nothing that would aid my time-impoverished existence ... YET. Can OpenAI's star algorithm write corporate and political request e-mails for me? Observe!


This month's Acuitas update is going to be a week or two late, because putting together and testing all the latest pieces will be an undertaking. In the mean time, here's what one of the episodic memory hierarchies "looks like." I threw together another diagramming algorithm that is specifically for drawing these trees.

Acuitas the semantic net AI got episodic memory added last year. He remembers everything … and that's bad! Part I of teaching him how to forget.

Monthly Acuitas update: lots of verb stuff. Present progressive tense, verb subcategories, and verbs understood as state changers:

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