"Hey Mike, you know computers, how do I not get hacked?"

"Stop doing those dumb 'What Industrial Solvent Are You?' quizzes, delete Facebook and don't reuse your passwords."

"Hahah yeah, but seriously, what app for my phone should I get?"

If you're a lady who loves ladies and also producing Honey for the queen, you're a


#Glamour #Spell by #Orriculum Rose

Shine Like the Sun ☉
a spell that uses the shine of sunlight to reveal inner and outer beauty

☉ gather: lemon juice, a comb, a mirror, a pink or yellow candle
☉ perform spell early in the morning, sit before the sun as it rises.
☉ light the candle before you, placed on top of the mirror
☉ brush your hair, and comb lemon juice through it.
☉ burn any strands that come out while brushing it in the candle.
☉ take care not to burn yourself, and chant
“Eyes bright as my laugh and hair to match
by the fierce sun, I keep the light i catch!”
☉ blow out the candle.

I think the new leftist litmus test is whether or not you think the state can or should still be salvaged.

⚠️⚠️ This is America, ⚠️⚠️
⚠️⚠️MILFs in your area!⚠️⚠️

tbh I love that black metal fuckboys are so intimidated by any actual originality that they lash out against GHOST of all bands, who don't even pretend to play black metal like

They're out here doing Blue Oyster Cult worship and that's never been a secret and yet you still get black metal fans yelling about how Ghost are ruining black metal

You don't have a monopoly on skulls, you idiots

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