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warning : majuscules 


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giving. security. advice. to. someone. without. understanding. their. threat. model. is. dangerous. and. unethical.

if you’re going to blame humans for not fitting into the use cases of your favorite toys, do everyone a favor and go back to hackernews and stop trying to give #infosec advice to real folks.

we have to meet people where they are, and sometimes those places aren’t ideal. maybe they have an abuser with physical access, or just can’t afford an iOS device. They still deserve privacy.

After at least 2 years under construction and with fear of the people, it's open for the world !!!


(yes there is still lot to do, like putting it in 'https')

Yes ! I received my Keybase.io stickers yesterday ! Can't wait to stick them everywhere I can !

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I've never been even remotely tempted to send a dick pic.

Until today, when a Google Now popup asked me to post a picture of the Starbucks I was in.

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I just received a freezer, guess what is the first thing my gf and I put in it.


@angristan J'ai commencé Made in Abyss grâce à toi et à ton blog alors je voulais te remercier de me l'avoir fait découvrir 😉 C'est archi bien

I'm at work, working on a Magento 2 website.
I started using that framework 2 months ago and still I'm stuck at almost every dev I need to do.

I'm just tired having to ask for everything and explosing client's estimation time.

I'm losing the little amount of confidence I had and that's just really pushing me down.
Every morning I just want to stay in bed so I don't feel humiliated at work.

Je viens de créer une team pour les français sur keybase, si des gens veulent la rejoindre :blobpeek: 🇫🇷
nom : team_french

Just bought a yearly ProtonMail Plus subscription ! Yeah !

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