@Yestrion Could you tl;dr Keybase for me? Should I, just as a regular guy, use it, for what? It seems very interesting, but I just don't quite understand it. Thanks! :)

Keybase has been created to give easy and fast access to GPG encryption, for the majority of people. It creates you 2 keys (one to encrypt, the other one to decrypt) that you can use to talk privately and securely with people (emails is the common use). But to be simpler, it integrates a chat already encrypted when you talk to keybase people.
So what you need to remember : It creates your GPG keys easily, to talk to people securely

@Yestrion Thanks! So: if I use both chat (Wire) and e-mail (Proton, Tutanota, Posteo, whatever) with built in encryption that never asks me for a GPG key, do I need it?

It's your call to decide if you need it, Keybase's idea is also to prove your identity on the internet, by your GPG key that is unique. For example on my page : keybase.io/von_kavalier
You are sure that the Twitter account is mine and so on :) But really, don't force yourself ^^

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