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Feed is almost back to real time! No more 10d old posts!

HRT doesn’t have to always be about “switching” your place in a gender binary. It can literally just be a way to change your body as you see fit, it really shouldn’t be inherently gendered.

I think mstdn is getting itself back together? After a long while.

Still debating spinning up a single user instance...

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1. Obtain two chickens
2. Name one "generative" and one "adversarial"
3. Put them in the same cage and provide light refreshments so they can network
4. Scatter some feed on a keyboard
5. Record the output

And critically,

6. Present this as a paper in the first and last AI Conference you'll ever be invited to.

Final exam in three hours. Then I'm free!

Then i just have to hope that the speed of bureaucracy get paperwork where it needs to be fast enough

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Strip personhood status from corporations and give it to our rivers, lakes, mountains and forests

Recent-ish trans history 

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I'm trying, I'm really trying. I just can't get math to work in my head.

Three exams in three days? No problem.
(It is very much a problem)

(1) humans perceive that they have free will


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