This somewhat unsettling image and text combination appeared to me last night with absolutely no context.


the CAP theorem states that a couch can be at most two of Comfortable, Affordable, and Presentable

It's pretty fucked how Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr established themselves as places to host your words and pictures so you could share them with others, and now they all lock some or all the things you post there to users only

Yeah it WOULD be nice if you could show me funny videos from Instagram, friend, but you can't and I'm sick of reminding you

All goes to plan gonna get scuba certified with my partner in just a few months :)

You've heard of ⍼; get ready for: RIGHT ANGLE WITH UPWARDS ZIGZAG ARROW

last thing I posted was about a year ago. uhhh lot's changed since then

guess who remembered it had an account here :) social media is hard

Hey, new Mastodon friends --

Common content warnings include:

politics (for instance, uspol, rupol, ukpol)
mental health (MH)
physical health (PH, often includes injury)
eye contact (selfies, pets)
meta (in reference to discussions about Mastodon discourse)

Yes, you can ask for other ones, and people often actually try to cooperate.

Yes, there are ongoing discussions about the ethics of Content Warnings.

No, you don't have to take an extreme position on it, either way. Chill is actually an option here.

Damn bro that’s very double-plus-unpog of you

I think I like mushrooms so much because they grow rapidly when nothing else in nature is growing at a particular time, and I love to see that

pretty sure graduating and starting a job in a pandemic is pretty much speedrunning burn out


early perl programmers often spent days harvesting line noise from their modems to extract enough purified material to write their scripts.

Output from yesterday's plotter experiment: variations on accumulations of self-avoiding random walks.

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