How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence

Unbelievably exhausted from test after test. But somehow I'm having a good day.

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the stock market was founded on wheat in chicago I fucking hate learning about the world I'm so mad

I am a simple bitch. If I see a giant sand worm, I boost.

The basic story here is that every time scientists have thought "we've finally done it, we've discovered the true mathematical nature of reality", they eventually prove themselves wrong, and proving themselves wrong has led to ever more accurate and beautiful descriptions. Often these new descriptions and discoveries are met with hostility with people who have decided "this is it, this is the final basis of reality", I don't need to give you examples of that, there are many in even the supposedly purely rational world of mathematics.

I think such occurrences are examples of where science as a discipline clashes with science as an ideology. When people think "this is it", that's when science becomes ideology. It's no surprise that this ideology merges with others, to form this sort of Simulationism and Singularism(?) we see today out of tech empires, or the absurdities of Lysenkoism in the USSR. Simplistic microeconomics used to "justify" capitalism.

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thinking about satellites. keep being great little flying friends.

actually it's only a city if it has a robust public transit infrastructure that allows you to get to any point in the city without using a car. otherwise it's a sparkling suburb

getting flamed online for calling minesweeper a "roguelike"

one weird trick, insurance, mental health, GRS, other trans healthcare that needs letters 

I finally have a night without a mountain of homework and I'm too exhausted to do anything with it. such is life.

Forum observation: Tiny details in the way people are presented a form go a long way to influence the actual content and tone of the actual post

Certain elements like dark/light mode, textarea size, avatar, pseudonym options, voting options (+1, ❤️, ⭐ etc...) all have a subtle, but noticeable effect

90% of my problems with this class is my professor can't use a damn computer.

I wouldn't have taken this class if I didn't need it to graduate, so it's not like I can drop and take it with a not trash prof.

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Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

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