A better name than XMPP? 1. No one uses Jabber™ anymore or they think it's Cisco Jabber™ 2. Very user unfriendly. Think, if you need to Translate English acronym's meaning to other languages for them to understand? I hope you come up with a new name than 

Ruby is very resource hungry you wouldn't be able to host huge user base. It will soon need even more. You may want to migrate to pleroma, it is in Elixir :)

@fedilab ok and yes the docs are only in Japanese for the lack of volunteers and only other app I know that has general misskey support is @SubwayTooter

@fedilab is "export data" or "export status" as same as exporting "archive" from web in activity pub format?

Nice. archive link is sent via email. The link still works after a month without logging into the account. Nice job. :blobaww:

By the way how does it work on ?

While I was only there to be in contact with one person now :facebook: has 🔒 me out for not using its official bloatware and malware app after repeatedly 🔐 me out for posting/sharing/doing normal things because it thought it was suspicious (lögs it shōwed matched my usage/IP though)

Now it wants me to share my gov 🆔/passport/license/etc

Fuck you :facebook:

But it's a blessing it happened :awa: now im :blobnogood: gonna go back

any one know how to export bookmarks in :firefox: on :android: that does not involve rooting nor sync? is it impossible? how could something like this still exist on :firefox:

How to your own in one tweet.
· Use
· Install (from backports, when available)
· Edit the default config in the three places it tells you to (domain + path to cert file + mod_pubsub)
· Done. No need for docker. No need to read a


@admin I don't know from when mstdn.io began using Cloudflare, but have you seen this? codeberg.org/crimeflare/cloudf

Are you OK with that?

@[email protected]
It is literally an American version of The Great FireWall of China. They censor and doxx people. You may be exposing your users to be tracked by them
@Amrit @yamujala

@[email protected]

Facebook is bad, but why does inditoot use Cloudflare. Mastodon was supposed to be federated, right? I thought I would switch but turned out both mstdn.io and inditoot are behind CloudFlare :FeelsLifeMan:


Trojan Dropper Malware Found in Android App With 100M Downloads

Researchers found a Trojan Dropper malicious module hidden within the Android app CamScanner downloaded over 100 million times by Google Play Store users.


Remembering the 1947 Mirpur Massacre, in which Over 20,000 Hindus and Sikhs were massacred by Pakistani Forces in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir


RT @[email protected]: Web: We noticed you're using an Ad blocker

Me: I noticed you're using 32 tracking services.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mweagle/status/102

I've just updated my Adblock list against all Google shit because I didn't know one of their domains in the past which I added now and ReCaptcha stopped working with my list a few weeks ago so it's now completely blocked,just don't use any sites with ReCaptcha shit on them,they suck anyway.If you're interested in completely opt-out of all Google tracking shit,just use my list from here:
Warning: Many people who dislike Google are using hooktube.com which stops working with this list,too but you can make it work again by disabling the googlevideo.com rule.Everything else from them is just unimportant shit,you won't miss anything with that list.
#fuckoffgoogle #deletegoogle #googlesucks #protectyourself

And I'm gonna be real frank with y'all. If you keep using Facebook despite knowing the shit they do, you're complicit.

You're part of the reason why people refuse to move away from it, because "everyone is there" or "I can't get in touch with some people without it".

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You know whats awesome about the fediverse?

Developers working together. This isn't a competition. Everyone wins.

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