my only gripe with Legend of Korra is the bad CGI 😕

today i had the chance to use a Canon camera and i remembered how my uncle's Canon focused really fast, but wow after this i feel like Nikon is slow 😕

can i be a middleclass white male when i don't make podcasts? 🤔

i ran out of shows to watch so i guess i'm rewatching both Avatar series :blobshrug:

i love how Tenzin is always like "i have to be strict" and then give in to Korra anyway 😂

js libraries, now with ads during install

Whenever standard 14 is installed, we’ll display a message from a company that supports open source. Currently, these are Linode and LogRocket.

:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

i live near the highway and some people think that 1 AM is a good time to be like a Formula 1 racer and be a loud asshole

But yeah. Upshot:

- Google are failing in core competencies these days. Search, Browser, and Android.

- DuckDuckGo's Privacy Browser definitely deserves a check-out. The fact that newcomers can challenge Google on its own turf should be a warning sign.

- The browser landscape generally continues to disappoint heavily. I was re-reading Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think", and so little of his vision has been achieved, nearly 75 years on. I want my #Memex



aaah, i finally applied to some junior jobs... i hope i will find a nice place 😊

an #webdev adjacent thought
one reason I like writing pure HTML with no or minimal CSS and no JS is that it makes it impossible for me to hide data
i want others to be able to inspect things without having to open developer tools

thank god punk music is easy to play, otherwise i couldn't have crammed learning 2 songs in 30 minutes

a fun toast fact i forgot to tell y'all is that her tongue is just barely too big to fit in her mouth so it usually peaks out like this

Sorry is feeling a little under the weather today and I can't figure out why. Enjoy this corgi as an apology

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