A tiny drawing application for the classic NES, thanks to Kjell for the help.

Just because I show my face online, does not mean you are required to, too. Nor does it diminish my ability to keep things private.

My physical self is not something I want to keep private: it is up to you whether you want to or not.

The joy of having privacy is being able to choose what you want to keep private.

So please, miss me with the whole "you can't do infosec because you show your face."

ahh, i'm still in love 's artstyle and music... and the whole game honestly...

wait, what? there's a movie about a high schooler who thinks he's the reincarnation of Trotsky?! 馃槷 why haven't i head about this? 馃槷

i started learning SQL and... mariaDB wouldn't play nice with mySQL workbench and SQLite wouldn't play nice the standard syntax... aaaargh 馃挗

Tired: Cats meowing to activate human's natural protective instincts

Wired: Me meowing to activate human's natural protective instincts

New gab friendly 

Here we go again, a new gab friendly instance.

Qoto people have alts there.
The dev of gab friendly fork of tusky called husky is there.

#fediBlock #mastoAdmin

lately i've been studying the material design guidelines so much that i started doing everything in increments of 8px instead of 1px or 10px

it's kinda funny how people in different languages call that thing in the ThinkPads "the nipple" 馃槀

going through a bash script line-by-line and checking all the files referenced there for errors... better than sex 馃槀

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fuckin hell, i tried running anonsurf on arch and it messed up my config files... and i couldn't connect to dem internetz 馃槄

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