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- Introduction
- 📜 Rules
- 💻 Infrastructure
- 👨‍💻 A bit about me
- 💰 Donations will be unavailable for about an hour tomorrow, sometime during the day (CEST time)

I've updated the rules to make it clear which type of person is not welcome on

I try my best to keep up with the moderation backlog, but it's not easy.

As a result, I know that some instances have stopped federating with us. Please get in touch with me so that I can know which accounts are problematic.

( has been invite-only for a while, so hopefully this will get better with time)

I'm looking into some server issues which can cause delays or errors! This is due to the influx of new users.

The fixes are here! ✨ #Mastodon 3.5.1 is out, fixing some issues in the last release:

Notably, instead of having to enter a code sent by e-mail to login from a new IP address, you'll now just get notified about a new sign-in.

Why: I earn enough money on my own and can pay for hosting at least partly through referral credits I earn on various cloud provider thanks to my GitHub projects.

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Hello everyone, I have disabled my Patreon page since I don't really need the donations anymore. Thank you very much for all your support throughout the years! Some patrons were active since 2017! :blobheart:

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