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solagg\.com has been banned for spam mass-follows

(For the record, about 32 million database rows have been fixed)

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This should fix many internal errors on statuses, feeds, favourites, media files, etc!

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(As said in the annoucement, I fixed most of the database constraints and dead rows, however there are two remaining columns that have too much activity so I can't fix them live)

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⚠️ I will need to shutdown the instance later today for about an hour (hopefully less) to fix some database columns.

This morning downtime was due to the server's disk being full. Sadly, I was hit by a pretty bad bug in journalbeat:

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Last night's latency spikes were unrelated and probably due to (we use a HA databse)

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The instance was down this morning for a few hours. I misconfigured the monitoring alert and didn't receive a notification :sadness:

Looks like thare are some issues with images due to our provider :blob_cry:

Ok, nevermind, the database upgrade can be done without downtime :uhm:

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