@veer66 can you try to view the video above this toot: mstdn.io/@js/10090120807821230 from your iOS device from mstdn.io?

@admin It is Firefox but of course it is supposed to use the same engine as Safari.

@admin @veer66 So did you figure out what setting with Cloudflare you needed to change? Might be worth sharing broadly then 🙂

@veer66 @js Can any of you test from mastodon.social? Since they're using Cloudflare

@js @veer66 OK, I disabled the WAF and enabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

Can you try again?

@admin @veer66 Doesn’t work. FWIF, iOS supports 1.2 just fine, and I think even 1.3. I have no clue what WAF is though.

@admin @veer66 Can't you just run without Cloudflare? Provides better privacy anyway.

@Gargron Hey, can you share whatever Cloudflare config you have with @admin please? // cc @veer66

@admin @veer66 So, can you just disable Cloudflare? Maybe just for iOS users?

@js @veer66 I can reproduce the issue on my Safari and spent the last hour trying things.

I found community.cloudflare.com/t/mp4. It may be because Mastodon streams MP4 files... I'm working on it but if I can't fix it then I'll disable CF

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@admin still need to test ?! got iPhone and iPad with Opera & Safari

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