Sorry for the poor performances last night. I just realized the DB server had some I/O issues, out of my control, that seem to be resolved.

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@admin Running on a VM rather than on real hardware?

@admin Now you got to know the advantage of real hardware 😉.

@js it's expensive, waste of resources and not flexible

@js and another solution would just be: more expensive cloud.

@admin That’s only the case if you don’t use all the server’s resources. I would expect a larger Mastodon instance easily does?

Also, modern servers don’t waste a lot - they can be 5W idle.

@js I really prefer to have multiple VMs well sized, than one dedicated server with too much CPU or RAM or disk. Also I can create and delete a VM whenever I can, I'm not bound by a defined amount of ressources, I can pay by the hour and have no setup fees :blobthumbsup:

@js yes but then you're limited by the host's resources

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