Because I consider the users here smart enough to decide what they want or don't want to see, might get blocked from an unknown amount of number of instances.

Sorry if this is affecting you, but this is my take on it.

@ users: feel free to move to another instance if you don't agree with this. You have every right to do so.

@ admins: feel free to ban if you really think that's what you have to do.

FYI I wish I could just trash this instance and leave this toxic world that is the fediverse (at least as an admin), but many people trusted me by signing up here for the last 2 years, and even though there are only a few hundreds of active users, I can't let you down, and I won't. But I regret the decision I made more 2 years ago. I guess this had to happen one day or another. I'm fed up with this.

@admin Thank you! Just ignore the idiots and cheer up.

@admin C’est vrai que pour des gens se disant non binaires, leur mode de pensée “tu appliques NOS règles de NOS instances ou on va bloquer la tienne et ses utilisateurs, parce que ça veut dire que tu es POUR nos ennemis si tu ne NOUS montres pas ainsi que tu es contre eux aussi” est pour le coup TRÈS binaire… Et c’est toujours eux qui auront raison sur tout, tout le temps.

@TritTriton @admin je ne suis pas non binaire, je suis une femme cisgenre :/

@admin what is the reason of your regret? Running one of the best Mastodon instance? Thinking for yourself? Being resilient under the pressure? Why some strangers were able to make you question your decisions? Why they were able to cross out the gratitude from people who share the values on which this server was built? Fediverse is not completely toxic place while there exist instances like yours.

@testodon I do not regret the decisions I made beside starting this. I learned an awful lot here especially about running a high-traffic web app. This is just too much time consuming. I don't want to deal with humans.

@admin it someone decided to block your instance--it's their problem, not yours.

@admin also, assholes are everywhere, just in real life absence of anonymity often restraints their behavior and they understand that they need to look like respectable human beings :D

@admin idk what's going on but you are a good person, just for the fact you put that instance in a public service. Thank for that.

@admin In my hypothesis, Mastodon inherits the same problems as Twitter/FB because it's still somewhat centralised (servers, admins etc.) It ought to be possible to do a lot of social networking with every "user" publishing on their own server/device and then having a "browser" to agglomerate the posts from everyone.

Let me know if there are better options. I'm staying here because @jhol is here so why not.

@admin wow, as somebody who supports my instance admin blocking instances judiciously, i think your stance is perfectly reasonable and absolutely not worth blocking your instance over. i know there's a lot of unacknowledged effort that goes into running an instance — thank you for your hard work maintaining a corner of the fediverse.

@admin Stay strong and thank you for an uncensored instance!

@admin How come you consider the fediverse toxic? Just interested to know what problems you’re having.

@admin (This really feels *bad*. If the admin of one of the oldest and most well-maintained mastodon instances starts talking about the #fediverse as a toxic world, things seem to have taken a considerably difficult swing. Lessons learnt, again and again: Running instances it not something that happens "automatically". It's not trivial, and it's not easy, on many different levels. It's something that *needs* to be taken into account when trying to find a viable, sustainable alternative ...

@admin I am sorry to hear that and thank you VERY much for your work.

@admin small word, you can't make all people love you

@admin don't mind the haters, they are everywhere. I completely agree and support your approach – why to decide *for* users what they should and shouldn't see, when they have all the tools to control it themselves?

You're standing up for the right values, whoever doesn't like this can easily switch instances. We stand with you!

(And no, neither I support hate speech just because you have freedom of speech..)

@admin Thank you for standing up for your users, you're awesome!!

@admin Have you considered getting other admins to help you? It'll reduce the workload, so you won't have to spend as much time dealing with humans.

Also, if you want to reduce the number of people on the instance without kicking people off, making it invite-only might be a good idea. Fewer people will join, but people who really want to join _this instance_ will still be able to (by asking somebody for an invite link).

@admin thanks for running a great instance. I'm new to the Fediverse and appreciate how well run this instance is :-)

@admin it is a small but very vocal minority policing instances. Pay them no mind.

@admin You gotta do what you gotta do, but I hope this instance will remain in operation and that its policies won't change.

@admin nah, it is not worth to lose the time on it. Some people take shitposting too seriously to follow the game, better let them alone in their isle of isolation

I read the thread, those guys are crazy, becoming as toxic as who they fight... don't let them get to you...

@RLetot @admin tell me more about who you think is as bad as right wing terrorists?

I didn't write "as bad", I wrote "as toxic", because they use the exact same tools that they fear from gab: false logic, stalking, harassing, calls to raids,... it's all there, neatly displayed in one single thread.

@RLetot It's just people's words that offend you? You believe that some harmless opinions as Gab users' calls to violence, fascist rhetoric, and documented acts of terrorism?

I was hoping for some facts, not your feelings and language policing. Are you an SJW?


I'm not offended, why would I be ? I don't know gab since they're not interracting yet (that's the whole point). I'm not policing, just stopping you from distorting my language. And now you're trying to box me in a (presumably toxic?) term. See the pattern ? You're a demonstration all by yourself.

@RLetot This actually proves you're more offended by words than violence @admin

@silvershovel your logic is very... personnal... I'm afraid I don't follow... What it «this», and how does it prove that I'm more offended by words thand by violence ??? @admin

BTW, if gab are really right wing terrorists, like all terrorists they want you to fundamentally change your society (here the fediverse) in response to their actions. By preemptively blocking them and acting against those who don't, you fall for their trap and give them exactly what they want.

@admin thanks for standing by your principles and not giving into the angry mob

@admin I don't really care.. I think openness is the best way to combat hatred. Creating small bubbles of confirmation bias silos is not the way.

You got my full support!

What they are doing is counterproductive...

@admin Sadly, I guess this is the same people for this kind of law and don't catch the concept of web neutrality.
Continue like this and goog luck

I find it so weird. It's like a school yard clique. You must conform or else.

I can't imagine what would make a grown adult think this a good approach to take.

Thank you for everything you do. It's instances like yours that make me want to keep using the

@admin Well, if other instances block this one, it's their own problem, they are missing out :shrug_akko:

@admin the only issue i have with is that its behind cloudflare. other than that, dont let people put you down and try to cancel you and your instance, their opinions dont matter
@admin whoops typo'd the name of your instance
@admin You're a good man and don't deserve having to put up with that insanity

@admin @angristan Thanks for this decision though, we need more instances that dare be a bridge on the political spectrum.

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