Because I consider the users here smart enough to decide what they want or don't want to see, might get blocked from an unknown amount of number of instances.

Sorry if this is affecting you, but this is my take on it.

@ users: feel free to move to another instance if you don't agree with this. You have every right to do so.

@ admins: feel free to ban if you really think that's what you have to do.

@admin it is a small but very vocal minority policing instances. Pay them no mind.

@admin You gotta do what you gotta do, but I hope this instance will remain in operation and that its policies won't change.

@admin good on you for not bowing the the outrage mob.

@admin nah, it is not worth to lose the time on it. Some people take shitposting too seriously to follow the game, better let them alone in their isle of isolation

I read the thread, those guys are crazy, becoming as toxic as who they fight... don't let them get to you...

@admin thanks for standing by your principles and not giving into the angry mob

@admin I don't really care.. I think openness is the best way to combat hatred. Creating small bubbles of confirmation bias silos is not the way.

You got my full support!

What they are doing is counterproductive...

@admin Sadly, I guess this is the same people for this kind of law and don't catch the concept of web neutrality.
Continue like this and goog luck

I find it so weird. It's like a school yard clique. You must conform or else.

I can't imagine what would make a grown adult think this a good approach to take.

Thank you for everything you do. It's instances like yours that make me want to keep using the

@admin Well, if other instances block this one, it's their own problem, they are missing out :shrug_akko:

@admin the only issue i have with is that its behind cloudflare. other than that, dont let people put you down and try to cancel you and your instance, their opinions dont matter
@admin whoops typo'd the name of your instance
@admin You're a good man and don't deserve having to put up with that insanity

@admin @angristan Thanks for this decision though, we need more instances that dare be a bridge on the political spectrum.

@admin Would you consider silencing them instead of blocking them fully? It keeps their content from showing up to those not looking for it. While we are organizing to explain how instance blocking gab is justified and not violating free speech, silencing their instances while not blocking them is a "middle ground" of sorts that some admins are doing, and we hope you will consider it.

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