Hello there.

Since I didn't ban the gab™ for now, we've been banned from a few instances. If you know which ones, please answer this toot so I can update the block list.

also please provide a link to a toot if possible

@admin Or ya know, just let them sort it out... Users like to block their own things... "Let jesus take the wheel" as it twer...

@admin What do they care about if you ban gab? As long as they ban it, they don’t see it.

@js because it must mean you're a bad admin and thus one of them/complicit with nazis, and thus the server should be banned along Gab

@js Basically, there's a few people with a strong sense that to fight the {alt,far}-right you have to give them no space at all to touch you.

@espectalll I can decide on my own whose bullshit I wanna read. As can anybody else on Why dictate it like the Nazis did in the 3rd Reich? Are they gonna print and burn Toots next?

@js There's people (both users and admins) who feel it's an admin's job, and not an user's job, to preserve a community from bad people.

@espectalll So they decide what others are allowed to read or not read. No free decision. No free will. Do they really not see the irony in that?

@js well, the people on those servers agree to the rules, right? So there's still free decision and free will.

@js (for which I mean, they can still complain and move somewhere else)

@espectalll Not if they try to force others to follow their rules on another instance.

Are they really not realizing that they are becoming what they are trying to fight?

@js In that case, it is more like that, yeah - but of course, they just think they're protecting good people from bad people, and if you say that's ironic they're going to reply to you that you're arguing in favor of nazis like if they were the same...

Thing is users should be able to decide who they want to talk with. But i forgot everything is a spook.
Mastodon admins: if you don't do what we tell you we will throw you in the gulag.
Plemora admins: meh we don't care.
Gnusocial admins: meh we don't care.
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