Follow now supports HTTP/3 (aka QUIC) ⚡

@admin I thought it was a Google only thing which it used to let its browsers etc contact DNS of its choice while disregarding the system settings. Is it a standard already? Has the perf and impact of and on the web server improved? Which web server is this?

@dpreacher I think you're talking about DoH (which is not really what you think it is)

@admin I did read about QUIC recently and it did mention what I said but I'll bring up the article and see if there has been further updates. DoH is what we know Firefox has with Cloudflare. Dunno if Google DNS also has DoH.

@admin still searching...but what i do recall from my current search is that quic is the spdy for udp connections, the most common of which is the DNS query-response. I think there was a writing that Chrome with its QUIC implementation could do DNS lookups on its own regardless of system settings. I think the option flags are still experimental..

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