I am running for Vice Chair in @[email protected] (the International Communication Association's Computational Methods group)! The winner will later upgrade to Chair. The election ends in a few days (Oct 15). If you are a computational communication scholar, I hope you'll vote for me! (1/5)

You need to be a member of @[email protected] and the @[email protected] sub-group to vote. If you do computational work in/around communication, you should *definitely* be a part of @[email protected]! Details on how to vote are on this page: icahdq.org/page/Election2019 (2/5)

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This is basically a "service role." Leadership plans the conference, goes to meetings, and so on. I'm running because although I teach at @[email protected], my background/training is outside com. @[email protected] provided a home for me and an path into the field. I am running to give back. (3/5)

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@mako I see all 5 of them on social.coop, but not on mstdn.io. ActivityPub relay issue? Throttling?

@admin @admin

@admin @mako @admin The last two arrived hours later though... The local timeline was stuck for several hours today.

@codewiz I can't tell anymore, and the server didn't seem to struggle. L7 monitoring confirms this though:

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