I don't blame you if you want to move out, I would do the same

@admin hey dude, don't feel bad. I am going to move out, but only because this was just a stopgap until I could be bothered to make my own instance anyway. You're still doing a great job though!

@admin thanks for all your work @angristan

I hope this is a momentary issue, I will move temporally to another instance and see what happens.

Thanks again.

@admin fuck you, i wont leave until this domain be offline


Hi angristan,

I've only been catching bits and pieces of the strife. What's up? Is the instance going down for real, or are you just having some short-term issues as you look for a new home for it?

I mean, if you're shutting it down, then I'm moving, but if you're just working out issues, I'm patient.

@nattiegoogie temporary storage issues out of my control. Unknown ETA.


Thanks. But to be clear ... temporary? Tomorrow or next month, but you're pretty confident of eventually getting it resolved?

@admin Nope, not going anywhere. You got this!

@admin I never move out. I'm waiting forever. I appreciate your working. Don't blame yourself. I understand your feelings. :blobreach:

@admin Don't know how to tell you this, but you have too fun of an instance here.

You are going to have to bring a mallet to the servers (which you cant as they are virtual, hah!) before I start looking for a new place.

Keep up the good work, don't get too down. We all enjoy it here! :)

@admin Hooray! Great job! so happy that mstdn is back and stable :D

Will donate to help with running costs at the end of the month if there is anything left in the budget.

Btw, seems '' is no more, so might want to remove the link from the about page.

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