I feel like a bad admin although it's like I can do anything better

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@admin Hey, don't castigate yourself that much, man!
I don't think, you are a bad admin and I don't want to move.
I want so stay at a good instance. And I'm conviced you are able to realise that!
Bear up and keeop going!

@admin You're doing your best, some things just take time to fix.

Keep at it, I appreciate your effort :ablobsmile:

@admin You're an awesome admin! These things happen and you can only do what you can do. Everyone here ought to be patient and understanding of the effort you put in on our behalf.

@admin that is a sucky feeling after your amazing academics. I'll be selfish here to say, that despite you doing your best to run this beast, I believe in your efforts enough to contribute. If you need more help, you have to reach out. It's not like is a one page geocities homepage. Even for good alternatives that you may not have tried out.

You are NOT a bad admin.
Stuff happens.
I would not be on the fediverse if it was not for you and @milan

I moved to a structure that I was more comfortable that admins like you would get structured support. Not because you did anything negative.

I will ALWAYS be grateful that you, like others gave your time/money/help to provide a service that we used.

You might feel like you owe your users something. But that just shows how good a person you are at heart.

Thank you.

@admin take your time. I moved time ago but my experience in your instance was good and you were sopportive and commited with admin tasks.

Thanks, just keep people informed.

@admin It's definitely NOT on you. Stuff happens outside of your control, it's how life is :blobcatcoffee:

@admin nah you not bad admin, i loved (and still love) that instance

@admin You have done an awesome job for this instance. This is the first snafu in like 2 or so years of perfection. Don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure not. I am sure you will continue to do the best job you can.

@admin You're doing fine, mate! Other instances (e.g. have troubles, too. Thank you for your work!

@admin Clearly not a bad admin - you're working on fixing issues!

Not going anywhere.

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