So the Storage Lead Developer of Scaleway reached to me saying that they had real issues with buckets with more than 1m+ objects, the databases can't handle it. He said my bucket was really stuck so he couldn't do anything.

They know I'm migrating so he's keeping a eye on it and we keep in touch while it's ongoing.

They will offer this month's bill, which is cool.

Sometimes stuff goes wrong, :shrug_yui:

Migration status:

980k objects / 1.8m
409 GB / 699 GB

75% as of now. The majority of what's left is broken objects so it will take longer

@admin Just a quick check-in and data point: some intermittent difficulties with 500, 502, 504 errors on Local and Federated Timeline as of ~2030 UTC on 17 Jan. If migration is ongoing, it would probably account for that, but I wanted to make sure you knew. Thanks for the ETRs.

@admin excellent progress Stan! Grateful that you're following through.

@admin He is nice. Thank you for telling me before I use this service. 😺

@admin weird, I have 1.4 million files in a scaleway bucket at the moment and it's running fine 🤔

@admin that's good... always nice to get a real update. thanks for informing us :)

@admin more than stuff going wrong, sometimes or rather most times, even companies named Scaleway don't plan to scale enough.

@admin interesting strategy to include 'scale' in your company's name and then create products that don't scale

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