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@Mek101 @admin You're a socialist, right? You're supposed to hate bosses.

@Hyolobrika @admin He's a random dude from, I think, France who has marginal of any power over me, my wage my job or my social status, or any effect on the class I'm part of.
A community owned thinghie would probably more ideologically orthodox but it's impractical to manage in IT and getting upset over something this small is kinda stupid

@Mek101 @admin That being said, if you are interested in an instance run on leftist and democratic principles, you might want to try
cc: @Comatoast

@Comatoast How left-wing does one have to be to use it? I've been looking for a homeserver that a) doesn't block any other homeserver and b) isn't blocked by most homeservers. Basically the of Matrix. I'm not sure how much that applies to the one I am currently with ( How much would you say that applies to you?

@Hyolobrika you don’t actually have to be leftwing at alll as long as you arne’t a poltard or a nazi. Blocking another instance would be something we’dhave to vote on.

@Comatoast That's pretty nice actually. I'm getting kinda sick of /pol/tards and nazis.

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