@codewiz I can't tell anymore, and the server didn't seem to struggle. L7 monitoring confirms this though:

I'm redeploying search with the new features. Don't worry if it doesn't work properly for a while.

reason: money is expensive and I cache too much media for them

I'll be going on a 2 days trip on the other side of Korea without my laptop so if anything goes wrong don't expect me to fix it from my phone :uhm: thanks for your understanding

I still have some background tasks and cleanup to do, but it *should* be transparent

I'll update the instance to 3.0 in the next few hours

medias are still pretty broken but at least sidekiq catched up

On the same note, I'm aware that media attachments don't work most of the time. I'm trying to find a solution, which involves switching object storage providers, and we're talking about hundreds of gigs so it involves time and money. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The instance was struggling a lot when I woke up this morning. For some reason we had more than 20k jobs in queue. 10h later, there are still 8k waiting to be processed. I suppose the fact that Wasabi is shit doesn't help.

@xosem I'm going to need a real deadline, otherwise no. It's not like AP has been around for years now.

@dpreacher I think you're talking about DoH (which is not really what you think it is)

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