@andreyka ok, I disabled the firewall rule, it should be better

@kura The user that made the report had the choice to include specific posts, but didn't. Can't do anything about that.

Also, mstdn.io has a no-instance-wide-block-of-other-instances policy so I wasn't planning to blocking fedi.z0ne.moe :)

@kura reports coming "from mstdn.io" are reports made by users here, they are not made by the admin. If you see a report where the entire account has been reported, I see the same thing :)

This morning downtime was due to the server's disk being full. Sadly, I was hit by a pretty bad bug in journalbeat: github.com/elastic/beats/issue

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Last night's latency spikes were unrelated and probably due to status.scaleway.com/incidents/ (we use a HA databse)

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The instance was down this morning for a few hours. I misconfigured the monitoring alert and didn't receive a notification :sadness:

Looks like thare are some issues with images due to our provider :blob_cry:

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