Remember to use invites as much as possible, since the instance is in approval-required mode now :)

also please provide a link to a toot if possible

Hello there.

Since I didn't ban the gab™ for now, we've been banned from a few instances. If you know which ones, please answer this toot so I can update the block list.

Since I am here let me clarify three things:

- some say i have been personally harassed, which is not the case at all. There is just people talking about me or, nothing personal. I'm just fed up.
- I have said it multiple times but it seems I have to say it again: I do not plan on abandoning my instances
- i'm fine :)

Mmh actually. The API is getting DDoS. Cloudflare is blocking most if it.

@efi no, just spamming requests without rate limiting, so it affects the performance.

These are script kiddies. This is not your website. Please show some respect.

I'm gonna restart the services for the sake of it

Is it still happening? I'm seeing nothing wrong from the server

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