Registrations have been reopended for a while now, it seems I finally found the correct rules to keep spammers away!

I added 522 IP Access Rules on cloudflare *manually*, over the last year or so. Spam is such a waste of time

I completely forgot but :mstdn_io: turned 3 years old on April 4th! :party_parrot:

I have reopened registrations. Still about 90% of spam accounts so I will approve each new user manually.

Finally, some good news. We've had 100% uptime for the past month! 🎉

@dpreacher no idea, maybe a failed job or something like that

@wolf480pl no I mean it's missing from our side, it's not a reverse proxy issue. I don't know what happened here yet

@mel @selea @milan yes that's what I'm using for and

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