I have reopened registrations. Still about 90% of spam accounts so I will approve each new user manually.

Finally, some good news. We've had 100% uptime for the past month! 🎉

@dpreacher no idea, maybe a failed job or something like that

@wolf480pl no I mean it's missing from our side, it's not a reverse proxy issue. I don't know what happened here yet

@mel @selea @milan yes that's what I'm using for kpop.social and masto.angristan.xyz

Because of a mistake I made during an Ansible deployment to our reverse proxy, some media files might have been unavailable in the last few hours. No data loss though, sorry for the inconvenience.

@dpreacher It's not an optional feature, it's already enabled

@milan @selea unless you have more than 500k objects to store, it's fine, and Scaleway's web console is way better. That being said, I've had no issue with OVH since we migrated.

I wanted to take the time to thanks everyone supporting this instance financially on Patreon, Liberapay, kofi, PayPal... It's great to see the support is still strong!

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