@katie 150 milliseconds is more than OK for a web service, there is absolutely no way you'd notice the difference between 100ms and 200ms. However yes, there might be a peering issue with your ISP and Cloudflare? If that's the case do other websites using CF exhibit the same bahovior?

@flancian looks like the "Bot Fight Mode" has been a bit too sensitive, looking at the logs, so I've disabled it. Let me know if it helps

@flancian I can't, I have to protect the instance from scrapping and spam accounts. However I can whitelist your IP if I know the correct one

@flancian I thought about that, however I don't have any logs of your IP, are you sure it's the correct one?

@flancian I fixed my ELK setup to be able to search logs more easily. Here's over the last 6 hours:

@flancian may I ask the source IP of the HTTP requests resulting in 503s so that I can check? thanks

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