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📢 wasabi(media server) is planning the maintenance at Feb 10, 2019 00:00 - 02:00 (UTC).

Wasabi, our image storage provider, is experiencing issues.

You might see broken images and no be able to upload stuff in the meantime.

I will update the instance to 2.7.0 probably in February.

I have a lot of school stuff to do and the update failed on my staging instance, so I can't handle having to deal with broken Mastodon stuff.

Sorry for the wait and thanks for waiting

I am going to run system updates, expect a bit of downtime

I checked all of the reports you made in the last few days, sorry for the delay.

Please continue to report spam accounts, bots, commercial accounts etc

Your admin is going far away for 2 weeks :blobsalute:

I'll still be reachable if anything happens, though I will take more time to react.

See you soon! :monkeydance:

So guys I'm going to be in 🇰🇷 for 2 weeks, thus I'm going to be less active here, although I'll still have internet access most of the time

BTW I moved ES out of Docker and it has its own block storage volume (thanks Hetzner) so no more storage issues for now

Imported StatusesIndex::Status in 8h 48m 0s, stats: index 28592248

Full text search is back :)

That includes accounts that are 100% Twitter crossposted

Please report bots you see on the local timeline. Thanks.

The database is big, big costs money.
Any sort of bot is now banned on

Hello, sorry for the unannounced maintenance, I reindexed the database and I forgot it locked the tables.

I will do another maintenance soon to vacuum the database (it's pretty big...)

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