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Elasticsearch was down, the full-text search feature is now back

We lost a bit of data.

About 0,0000035% of the database.

It could have been _way_ worse, but luckily it's a happy ending.

You are likely not affected, we probably lost a few toots at most, and they seemed to be foreign toots.

I still have to let you know though.

For more technical information:

I am very sorry, I don't know how it happened but I did my best to fix it :blobbowing:

Doing some tests with the storage to try and fix the corrupted data, some downtime may occur

Since I have to say it again. It is NOT possible to change your username on Mastodon. is just an instance, I am NOT developing Mastodon, so I can't fix that.

First, let's do the kernel update + reboot. Then, I will update Mastodon to 2.7.4.

Since no release was made, I manually applied the patch for the broken DM column / front-end that was fixed in

I'm currently running the full-text indexation of the toots, the instance may be a bit slower as a result

Anyone having issues with the web interface?

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