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Thinking of buy Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana on the Switch.

Last day of work before I head to for my mini-vacation.
Anyone know of some must-see spots or eats in , , , or ?

Last day of work before I head to for 10 days! Woo!


Need a personal project to work on. I haven't done anything since I graduated.

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Does anyone know of a which works from Mastodon -> Twitter? I usually use @crossposter but it appears Twitter have killed :mstdn_io: -> :twitter:

No. Must have just been someone on another platform.

Wait, did they change the way mentions work to show your display name rather than user tag?


I just want to go home and play loool.

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How do you tag users on ? When I use [at]username in a comment it doesn't link up, but others have tagged me successfully?

Very excited to be attending a Digital Refresher & 2.1 webinar presented by today.

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One of my goals for today is to push the new timeline UI and some features like custom avatars. #pixelfed

RT the two types of confidence i aspire to have someday


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*Osiris slaps Mercury* you can fit so many simulated realities in this baby!