I updated my MacBook to and I'm regretting it.

- Keyboard shortcuts for tiling windows: A window snapped to the left won't switch to the right in a single shortcut, it first does nothing, then un-snaps, then snaps to the opposite side.

- Draggings windows and highlighting text with a single finger on the trackpad doesn't work most of the time. I have to press and hold with one finger, and drag with another.

Stick with Loki if you're not a mouse user.

@ozzmos thanks, shouldn't be necessary though as they're just basic clicks not working well :(


> Keyboard shortcuts for tiling windows

This is weird. It's exactly doing that for me. No un-snapping, just moving directly to the other side. 🤔
Did you do a fresh install?

@brejoc yes, fresh install. For some reason it takes 3 presses of the shortcut to move it from one side to the other...

@afarian All updates installed? Just 🎣 in the 🌃.

@afarian Ah, I was not on the latest update. So with the previous version this was still working. Seems to be a regression.

@afarian Forget my last toot. It only happens, when the two windows are equally sized. If you resize them a little bit it works. 😆

@brejoc but usually I have two windows equally sized because I'll have one snapped left and one snapped right.

If I try to swap one over, it takes several shortcut presses it's so weird 😫

@afarian It is. And since it's working when they are not equally sized I'm pretty sure this is a bug!

@brejoc if you haven't done it I'll do it later when I get to the office. Just getting ready for work at the moment :)

@afarian Then you do it. 😜👍 I'm about to go to sleep! 😴

@afarian i was thinking to switch. Thanks for sharing.

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