Installing on is a pain in the ass. I just spent the last hour Googling several required workarounds.

I figured I'd consolidate all of those for future use.

@afarian I did was use: instructions. I don't remember doing anything you mentioned in your blog post. It works just fine on MX Linux, which is Debian-based.

@TheOuterLinux that's not an official client and is for the legacy and osrs clients. My steps get the official NXT client working.

@afarian In my client, you open the settings and then choose the Parameter File to change the server type, so I can play oldschool, new, and custom servers. I think I may have installed unix-runescape-client since Debian has it in their repos and then did the Hikari Knight solution on top of it to get things working. Trust me, it's better and they haven't messaged me or suspended my accounts or anything. Matter of fact, unless they changed things, the RS Linux link used to go to Hikari Knight.

@afarian It uses OpenJDK and Perl. Besides, that allows me to play using an open-source, 32-bit client without an EULA instead of limiting me to a proprietary 64-bit version on Ubuntu/Debian that's also just a JAVA client, and if not then it's more than likely Electron-based. The Hikari Knight version also has useful addons, but they need updating.

I found a place that still exists in which they mention both running the EXE with WINE and using the Hikari Knight version:

@TheOuterLinux also, the RS Linux link doesn't go to Hikari, it's NXT client.

@afarian I've never played RuneScape so I can't speak for the if it all works looks like there's a flatpak on flathub for it.


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