Accidentally blew away my partition, so we're all-in on now. Oops.

@afarian Heh. I think mine still exists, but Grub bootloader overwrote reFind and it doesn't see MacOS. I'm certain I can still boot it with holding the option key, but I don't need to go back, my Macbook is old and soon to be unsupported.

@sikkdays Soo I totally thought that's what happened to me, but alas no - I wiped it haha.

@afarian Eep! So far, I've been happier not knowing the truth and sticking with linux as a daily driver. Now, my 4 external hard drives full of client, and my own video work formatted for OS X may become problematic...😅


@sikkdays Hahaha well I didn't realise until a few days after as I'd just assumed refind needed fixing 😂. Lucky for me I never touch that partition anyway. It wasn't intentional, but I'm not upset over it.

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