My arrived today! Still deciding on a project for it, and suggestions welcome!

@afarian what kind of projects? Software/ server based or hardware robotics mechanical etc?

@afarian are you leaning more in the direction of software projects or things incorporating external hardware / sensors / outputs?

i've been working on the latter problem for my job lately. i have drawers full of interesting hardware that can interface with the pi pretty easily now. i'm still waiting for a pi-specific project to emerge that actually seems interesting enough to do on my own time.

You could create a Mastodon bot who suggests everyday a random Raspberry Pi project.

@afarian Monitor your homes temperature with a temperature sensor

@hinterwaeldler I've never heard of funkwhale, I'll check it out!

@afarian I've not used #funkwhale yet, and I don't know if it works on a #raspberrypi. But the project idea sound so cool!

@victorhck I'm leaning towards an instance of some sort!

@afarian how about running your own server / private cloud ⛅

@ninja yep, that's probably the direction I'm going to head.

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