Why are women leaving technology jobs?

In the tech industry, the quit rate is more than twice as high for women as it is for men.

“Unfairness or mistreatment within the work environment was the most frequently cited reason for leaving (for all genders).

The situation for women specifically is far worse as they reportedly “experience or witness” significantly more unfair behavior, according to the same report.


I'm starting to think that American women in tech should move to #Italy.

More or less half of my colleagues are women, many of them are programmers and some have leadership roles.

We have literally no problem with #WomenInTechnology or #GirlsWhoCode.

So please, consider to come in Italy if you don't like the Silicon Valley.

We have way lower wages (1/5 or less), but a great quality of life.

And nobody think about your sex when you work in tech.

@Shamar That sure does sound amazing. I'm in Australia right now, and while we certainly have women in tech, there is a huge stigma surrounging it. It can be very intimidating, especially when there is a clear feeling that you're invading the "boys" space.


When every person is unique, when it's neither a tool nor a product, there's no problem into stating obvious difference.

Indeed, we are used to joke about the sex stereotypes (in a way that Americans seem to feel weird), but we can do that because we respect each other as complex creatures.

So noticing that #men and #women are different and complementary, is stating the obvious to us.

Because as complex creature, the sex is relevant in some context and not in others.

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