I'm participating in to help raise funds for - I'll be walking 10,000+ steps every day for the month of September.

I'd love if you'd consider sponsoring me and supporting people living with cerebral palsy.


Just opened washiwhale.com - if you're stationery obsessed like me then please check it out. Your support is super appreciated :)

That feeling when you try to :wq out of an Atom file....

@angristan I've always loved the look and price. Just so hard to go back when you've been burned. I'll have to consider it for my next upgrade..

@angristan I'm guessing it's improved? My partner and I both got OPO's when they first launched and they both were fucked in 6 months with no recourse for repair as they were only sold from China.

@brandon That was exactly what I wrote to the person who posted it hahahah.

@brandon I just saw one with "Exit building" and I was like noooooo. Hahhaha. That's what prompted me to share and circulate the CORRECT version :)

@trevdev So are the organizational ones not counted? What does it mean that they're counted separately? They all appear on the graph right?

@trevdev Your instance must have been running an old version! I told you the one I used had it ages ago! ๐Ÿ˜‚


Is it just me, or has lowered their requirements for each section/shade of green?

Appears to be 1-2, 3-4, 5-8, 9+??

Was it always this low? I know moves in blocks of 10, but I didn't think Github's entire scale was capped at 9...

@dhanesh95 I've considered it several times, but always end up going with ElementaryOS which at this point I'm quite happy with. You'll have to let me know how you find Pop if you end up installing it!

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