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@[email protected] Never used Eddy, gdebi has always gotten the job done when required.

@dissentiate hopefully they get back to work soon, I have a photo I want to post aha.

@dissentiate I upload pictures all the time, but they're failing right now, you're right.

@sphinxc0re pretty much. Just QoL tweaks and a different theme.

@ninja yep, that's probably the direction I'm going to head.

@hinterwaeldler I've never heard of funkwhale, I'll check it out!

@victorhck I'm leaning towards an instance of some sort!

My arrived today! Still deciding on a project for it, and suggestions welcome!

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The Half-Life 3 of Fediverse: Pixelfed Federation.

@ale Wish used to be so good (value-wise) because the products were sooo cheap and not all that bad.

But I've noticed recently that all sellers have drastically increased the shipping costs to the point where it's not worth it (considering the quality of the product).

@sopan it's also not the first up and coming currency to give itself away for free to try and gain traction.

@sopan the opinions in that article are a bit moot considering no one is really investing into the currency at this point. You have lost nothing by creating an account so if it flops it flops.

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Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join.

Signing up is free, this isn't spam.

I've got 5 invites if anyone wants to join:

@tim I had 5 initial invites, but I apparently got 10 more for verifying those first 5.

Should still be up:

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