Finally switched from peasant tier CloudFlare SSL to god tier Let's Encrypt.

Artifact doesn't deserve a 77 Metascore, it's actual shit. 💩

>Research for kratom's LD50
>About half a gram per kilo

Show me one person who is pounding over 60 grams of kratom at once.

As we observe the wild MySQL Bug #20786 closer approaching his middle teenage years he seems to be developing teenage angst.

Might be in denial but I'm pretty sure desktop PWA's are no better than Electron.

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But seriously, can't you just eat the damn celery? Why do we have to juice everything now?

Oh, and there's 100% a Ponzi scheme piggybacking off of it too.

Celery juice just sounds like some terribly constructed scheme to get more people to buy cold press juices. Fake news, America. Fake news.

I'm pretty sure vape shops only sell kratom so they can profit off the people niccing out off their vape juice and getting headaches. :blob_gnikniht:

Yi ( looks cool but I don't know if I could ever leave behind my beloved Emacs config. :emacs:

What is this "International Day of Peace" and why is it just one day? :blob_gnikniht:

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Emacs really is the greatest operating system.

>Bitfi withdrawals hack bounties but John McAfee is still in denial. :blob_gnikniht:

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