Ooooh! DisplayPort 2.0 allows for daisy chaining up to three 4k displays at 90Hz... 😋

I wish more monitors would support that!

@akhy For private messenger-communication: Signal.

For mass-communication esp. in Marketing:

Just wondering, can we migrate account to another instance seamlessly?

Still using Telegram. Not sure if I need to move to Signal.

@angristan I’ve seen a couple of these “I want to build a Twitter alternative” people pop up in the last few days and what unites them is that they’re not interested in hearing the problem’s already been solved

@tsalle yes yes... I also have considered Helm, but imo it's more suitable for distributing apps that being used by many people (e.g. open source apps)... For in-house microservices usage, it's a bit overkill.

Starting today, you can get the ProtonVPN Android app from F-Droid. This means our #VPN app is now:
✅ Verified by the @fdroidorg team
✅ Independent of Google's app store
✅ Harder for governments to block
Read more here:

What commenting system should I use for my static blog? 🤔

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