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Remember, links that end with .onion require the Tor Browser to access.

Do you believe in anything supernatural? Let’s explore that using street epistemology.

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A safe, social, virtual space for anyone interested in mental health and its issues. Non-MH chat is also encouraged.

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Some suggestions:
1) A way to filter the federated timeline by instance, or explicitly select which instances to show their local timeline.
2) As a regular user, have the ability to mute/block entire instances.

I think these options will give the users greater control on their timeline instead of relying on the admin.
Also, I won't have to create a zillion mastodon accounts to check the local timelines of other instances.

I wish there was a way to filter the federated timeline by instance.

If you are trying to contact me via xmpp and i'm not replying, please register w/ and try again. Most likely i'm not replying because i'm not seeing your messages.

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Politicians who save face by pretending they don't know which button to press is almost as depressing :(

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(holds face in hands)

"...a group of left-leaning Swedish MEPs have revealed that they pressed the wrong button, and have asked to have the record corrected."

"They have issued a statement saying they'd intended to open a debate on amendments to the Directive so they could help vote down Articles 11 and 13. "

"...but that doesn’t change the vote itself. When it comes to voting buttons in the European Parliament, what’s pressed is pressed. "


idk why but xmpp is unable to converse

I'm not enjoying diaspora/friendica as much.

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The nearest currently is probably @funkwhale which has an intro page at:

There are several instances, for example there's a good instance for creative commons music:

It's still under development and it's not exactly like Soundcloud, but I think they have Soundcloud-like features on their roadmap.

Federated timeline is overwhelming 😓

Signing off. Have a great weekend! 🥂

@admin Will support polls in the future?

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