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I am happy to reveal that a non-profit legal entity for Mastodon, Mastodon gGmbH, is in the process of being entered into the German company register.

For context, I have been operating as a sole proprietor so far.

It's been in the works for 8 months but I didn't want to announce anything until everything was finalized just in case it didn't work out. Yesterday, I paid in the starting capital.

It wouldn't be possible without the help and advice of @mellifluousbox. More to follow in blog form.

В Минске сегодня менты тоже чот активизировались

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Желаю сегодня всем вернуться домой, целыми и невредимыми.

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Часть студентов решила сдать задачу заранее, за неделю до дедлайна. Что за чудо произошло, думал я. А потом понял:
Из ОВД может быть сложно и неудобно программировать под Linux.

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Natron is Alive & Releases v2.4.0 Just Now

Please help me share.

Important: Natron is looking for developers and maintainers!

Tags: #natron #freesoftware

В Тулу со своим тере тулемастом не ездят

Ну и сколько его пить, чтобы поумнеть

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norway: we shall be good friends with our neighbours the Russians

also Norway: we shall be good friends with our NATO allies

Russia: *holds navy exercise very close to Norwegian waters* so, how can we collaborate in the Arctic region?

Norway: *allows large NATO exercise very close to land border to Russia* let us discuss this in our forum!

Russia: *hacks Norway government IT systems* great idea! here is a bottle of vodka as a present.

Norway: *spies on Russia* would you like some of our excellent salmon?

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.           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .            ✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,      

.             .   ゚      .             .

,       .                                  ☀️                                                        .           .             .                                                                                        ✦        ,               🚀        ,    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍               .            .                                             ˚            ,                                       .                      .             .               *            ✦                                               .                  .           .        .     🌑              .           .              

˚   *               ゚     .               .      🌎 ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ,                * .                    .           ✦             ˚              *                        .              .
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В России предложили просто заблокировать все сайты

Люблю чатик студгородка на соседей улице

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Я Вам напоминаю, какая пиздатая штука KDE Connect

Решил пойти прогуляться
На улице включили ГРАД

This stack was created out of frustration due to the fact that to this day there's no easy way to have a full email server without the overhead of installing and configuring all servers. We wanted something simple, with no interface and no server management, so we came up with

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