Good on Ricky Gervais for great comedy!

Ricky Gervais praised for Netflix special 'SuperNature' mocking cancel culture with jokes about trans people, Hitler and AIDS - sparking Twitter pile on from woke brigade.

What a massive waste of money! And targeting females at a vulnerable age who have likely been coerced and brainwashed into believing they have been born in the wrong body by a dangerous and perverted lobby.

If people want unnecessary plastic surgery the taxpayer shouldn't have to foot the bill.

NHS creates new service to offer female-to-male transgender surgery for free

woman is accused of 'abuse' after revealing she's breastfeeding her wife's newborn - having taken hormones to stimulate milk production - as critics slam her for doing 'sick experiment' on an infant.

I might give this great book a read when it comes out!!!

This sci-fi novel has inspired 2022’s most ludicrous trans row. by

A sci-fi tale which empties the world of all Y chromosomes – men and trans women alike – has caused uproar before anyone has read it.

Hopefully, one day the entire western world will investigate all unscrupulous parents who subscribe to dangerous and perverted gender ideology and trans their vulnerable kids with irreversible drugs, breast amputation and castration...

Texas resumes investigating parents of transgender children, families’ lawyers confirm.

The overwhelming majority of Adult Human Males are straight as the book!

So why do we have a minuscule LGBT-AlphabetSoup community dictating what they can think, what they are allowed to say, and who they are allowed in their dating pool?

Most people are straight - get over it!

Our National Health Service's behaviour towards women is becoming sicker and sicker!

NHS bosses have quietly removed word 'WOMEN' on advice pages about ovarian and womb cancer.

Dr Michael Webberley prescribed and via without proper assessments, including to a nine-year-old and a teenager who committed suicide a few months later.

Good News!

Gov. Henry McMaster has signed into law a bill that will require transgender athletes to compete on teams that represent their birth-assigned gender.

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