Alex wanted Gab to be better. So that's what Alex did. Alex wants to help the whole project and is submitting merges that fix pieces of Gab's UX, our Vagrant setup, and is addressing all sorts of things.

This means all Gab Social instances get these improvements sooner. Alex is giving the entire community whole solutions.

Alex likes to build. Be like Alex :)


A few people have asked, how *specifically* did Aaron Swartz help lay the groundwork for Gab?

In 2000, Swartz co-authored the RSS 1.0 spec. RSS is a protocol for subscribing to feeds. A social media timeline (such as this one) is a feed.

In 2007, RSS was adapted into Atom. Atom solves the same problem with some improvements.

In 2010, OStatus was developed as a #Fediverse communication standard. OStatus functions by making use of Atom for following other users.

In 2018, ActivityPub was born. ActivityPub reimagines all of this for a more cohesive #Fediverse protocol incorporating all that we've leaned.

Gab supports both OStatus and ActivityPub. It quite literally uses Atom under the hood, which is based on the spec Swartz co-authored.


Being that Google, Apple, and F-Droid have all banned us from their app stores, we decided to build our own! It will be up and running shortly. Obviously Apple is a walled garden so there won't be any iOS apps, but Android users, desktop apps, and browser extensions will all be listed. Still working out the details for letting developers create and add their own apps. We do want to review submissions and check to make sure there isn't any malicious code, etc.

Going live on YouTube in 80 mins.

Is GNOME As Garbage As I Initially Thought?

So the viewers of this channel trolled me on a livestream a few days ago. You guys asked me to give up the power and flexibility of my window managers for....GNOME? And in a moment of weakness, I said OK. So how am I getting along with GNOME?

Since instance is blocking Gab and its admin doesn't want to reconsider the decision, does someone know another instance dedicated to bots that is not breaking the Fediverse by blocking whole domains?


RT @[email protected]

I've been writing CSS for like 10yrs and everyday I find something new...

Want text to wrap around specifics points in a image other than its boundaries?

shape-outside: polygon( your values);

BONUS TIP: In @[email protected] you can edit those values with a nice editor like this:


If you do not want #transgender ideology to undermine women's sex-based rights, please sign the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights:

#gendercritical #WomensSexBasedRights #feminism

I contacted the admin suggesting that he allow posts to show up in Gab so users here can be exposed to differing viewpoints. This was his response.

#Socialism means everything becomes a co-op.

All businesses become collectively owned by the workers. Every industry acts like a co-op.

A co-op is a workplace without a boss. The workers vote to make decisions.

Socialism means democracy exists on every level of society. Democracy means that people are in control (to the extent possible).

Socialism does NOT mean "big government" or "higher taxes." This is a misnomer.

Socialism has a noble goal. It wishes to shift power towards the masses. This ultimately makes people feel they have the most freedom and control over their lives.

The challenging thing is about the structure of the co-op itself. How do people make decisions? Which decisions should be voted on, and which can be made by individuals on the fly? How can one become a member, and how does one leave? How do you handle conflicts? Do you form a conflict resolution team? What if a social divide occurs, and neither side can agree?

Creating a co-op is very difficult. People are tricky and don't get along. Our brains are infested with cognitive biases.

Socialism is hard, but it's a good ideal to reach towards. I think we should all try to make democracy a part of everyday life.

Farmers grow plants to feed animals. Animals eat a lot. Cows eat more than we do. To create "meat," we first have to grow plants.

When energy is converted from plants to meat, most of it is lost. When you eat a cow you don't get the energy of all that cow's meals combined. You get a tiny fraction of it. The cow burned off most of that energy by being alive and moving around.

If we grow human food instead, we can be roughly 16x more efficient. Less energy is lost from plants because plants get their energy directly from the sun.


My boss asked me for some work account's password once. "I don't know," I said, "I don't know any of my passwords. I use a password manager and passwords that exceed 32 characters if possible."

My boss thought that was silly. Today, breaking a SHA-256-encoded hash for a 12-character password takes less than an hour.

Services that limit password length give away hints about their shoddy password hashing practices. Do not trust them.

Am I correct in thinking that #Git addresses the issue of "who has what versions of X and what are the differences between those versions?" The flow graphs illustrate changes to versions, over time ... While always looking forward in time.

This feels like a solution to problems that emerge from working with strongly linear systems, such as email. ("Linear" is variously thought of and defined, and I'm not familiar enough with it to give a good definition, but note that even though the branching nature of Git would suggest that it isn't linear in terms of always being directed in the same absolute direction (angles emerge), it is never directed backwards.)

๐Ÿ๐Ÿ•ธ๏ธ wasmer (the Python library to run WebAssembly binaries) is now 10x faster to write sequence in memory,

This PR adds support for memory view slice assignments, e.g. `view[0:13] = bytes(โ€ฆ)`.

Enjoy faster executions!

#webassembly #python #performance

Cโ€™est Qwant quโ€™on va oรน ? #Framablog #TootOuRien

Lโ€™actualitรฉ rรฉcente de Qwant รฉtait mouvementรฉe, mais il nous a semblรฉ quโ€™au-delร  des polรฉmiques cโ€™รฉtait le bon moment pour faire le point avec Qwant, ses projets et ses valeurs.

Si comme moi vous รฉtiez un peu distraitโ‹…e et en รฉtiez restรฉโ‹…e ร  Qwant-le-moteur-de-recherche, vous allez peut-รชtre partager ma surprise : en fouinant un peu, on trouve tout un archipel de โ€ฆ

Plasma reaches amazing places! Take the Large Hadron Collider's smaller sibling: the ALBA synchrotron.

Sergi Blanch-Tornรฉ, Controls Software Engineer, explains how ALBA provides insight into biology, nanotechnology, and more using KDE's software:

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