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Just a featuring a responsive title bar with a tab bar exported by the app, the colors of the inactive title bar match theme (by default 90% opaque white)

Let's build less backends and more stuff that works on our machines

Sure, we want data to be synced between multiple devices; let's use decentralized technologies for that

Jitsi is getting a lot of mentions here.

I wonder if people are aware of GNU Jami, a P2P solution.

Jami has end-to-end encryption while Jitsi is only encrypted during transit. The Jitsi server has your packets available in unencrypted form. If you can't trust a Jitsi server and need end-to-end encryption, Jami can be a good alternative.

#Jitsi #Jami #e2ee

@laura I use Nextcloud News which works pretty great. It has an android app on F-Droid too. But I don't think there's a native client for Windows or Linux.

For me it's great because I already use Nextcloud, but for somebody that does not already host/use Nextcloud it's probably overkill.

๐Ÿ”ฉ Maintenance update ๐Ÿ”ฉ

Everything seems to be up and running.
Thanks for your patience.
One of our servers just got a nice 96GB RAM boost \o/

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Hey Internet, it's time to get the latest #decentralization news from This Week in Matrix! P2P and Dendrite progress, SO MUCH client-related news and more! #twim #matrix

Meet Ikona, the new KDE program that helps you create the coolest icons any desktop has ever seen.

Follow all the blog posts from KDE contributors on KDE's new planet. Now mobile phone-friendly, with support for more languages, and a much slicker look.

@yonetvice we hear literally nothing about this here in the Netherlands.

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Hundreds of thousands of Chilean women have taken to the streets against sexual violence during a historic #InternationalWomensDay march in Santiago.

The march took place amid an ongoing uprising against neoliberalism & government repression. #IWD2020 #DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer

This is like a CLI, but is as user friendly as a GUI. And that's good for everyone.

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