Nevermind, I just received the lost emails and noticed that you mentioned the issue at state.disroot.org. Very nice, thank you


Me and another Disroot user are experiencing a severe issue with email: we can't send or receive any email for several hours. We even sent an email to support at disroot dot org but I imagine you didn't receive it at all. Please let us know if you are aware of the problem and if we can expect a fix soon

The new release of Cantor, the KDE frontend to mathematical applications, brings support for Jupyter Notebooks files.


โ€œOnce weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons.โ€ Arundhati Roy [999x688]

Woah, I wasn't aware of how feature-rich #KDEConnect really is. I always assumed that its just mirroring phone notifications to the desktop, but it can also...

* act as a presenter (with laserpointer!)
* mirror clipboard (both directions)
* act as a mousepad
* be used as a media remote control
* be used for file transfers
* be used to locate your device
* not just mirror notifications, but also reply to eg. chat messages
* transmit your battery percentage
* mirror your contacts
* ...

Announcing Season of KDE 2020, the program that offers mentorships and opportunities to all that want to contribute to the KDE project:


So many controversies on Stallman and Brendan Eich while we have in FOSS people (unconsciously) collaborating with those criminals who are responsible for the worst crime, literally a genocide, in Europe.

It's 2019 and many people still don't know EU is a regime, a fusion of nazism and capitalism, the temple of neoliberism and technocracy, even worse than USA and USSR.

But there is hope. In future more and more people will understand Modern Monetary Theory and see the criminal plan behind EU.

If I posted text posts about anything I cared about on facebook the algorithm would not show it to almost anyone thats even following me. It would literally just drop off the radar and be forgotten. I post a random thought here and people from around the world actually have a chance to respond. That is powerful. That cant be underplayed. The fact that we dont have to worry whether our messages have financial viability makes our ideas stronger. Our voices ring.

It's sad that instead of using #GNOME Software, I have to use flathub.org and #Flatpak CLI to quickly and reliably search for and install applications.
It's supposed to be a centerpiece of our desktop experience ๐Ÿ˜ž

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