Wouldn't be cool to have in the the concept of (KDE Planet, Libreoffice Planet etc)?

I.e. follow a collective of actors being able to comment their articles (on , , + ) with notes as replies (what already happens on ).

This should make us able to discover new actors to follow. Of course the registration of actors must be approved like on planets by the corresponding community.

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Interesting, so a planet is a collection of actors who post about similar topics?

@jdormit yes, in KDE we have a list of RSS feeds from our blogs and a site ( that turn them into a blog.

My idea was a bot that post on ActivityPub the links from an RSS feed like the one from Planet KDE and if the link is found to be an actual AP article, AP-reshare that article instead of just posting a link, to promote AP-compatible blogs.

As @bob said this seems to be possible on Hubzilla, but I have to check if this is exactly what I mean

Oh I understand, that's a really cool idea! So basically an aggregate feed from a bunch of different actors. That's what I'm thinking about for the blog actor in Pterotype V2 as well - all the WP users will get their own feeds and authorised users will also have their posts mirrored to the blog feed

@jdormit that would be awesome, especially if the blog actor reshares articles from each author instead of mirroring them, because on social like Mastodon we would be able to easily open the author profile.

This is how I find new people to follow on Mastodon: someone I follow boosts a toot from someone else and I see it on my home and if I'm interested I follow the original author.

The other advantage would be to have comments as replies to the same toot/article.

Oh man, that's a really cool idea. I was just going to have it mirror them, but shares make way more sense

@alexl FYI, this is already possible in #Hubzilla with "Channel source". (You create a new channel called whatever-planet, and as sources you add all relevant actors and RSS feeds. And people follows this planet channel, even if they don't use Hubzilla)

@bob thank you but it's not what I meant, I want an ActivityPub actor that I can follow with any AP platform and view on any client. This actor basically just reshares every post from a list of actors, maybe only posts with a certain tag.

Ideally blogs that publish their articles with ActivityPub on an existing planet like Planet KDE would see every article with a tag of their choice (like ) reshared by this planet-actor and replies becomes comments on their blogs.

@alexl what I suggested is exactly what you want.

@bob I have an account on Hubzilla too, can you please tell me what's the right option in "create new channel" page?

@alexl It would be more usefull if you create such actor yourself. Since you're involved in KDE, you could create the KDE channel. First, you should select the "public feed" type for this channel. Then you install the "source" add-on.

@alexl After that, for each KDE actor you want to add: you add the actor as a contact of the KDE channel, and thenyYou go on the source settings, and you select "new source". For the channel you specify that actor, then you can add a category for those posts, and you can filter (to be sure they're talking about KDE)
And finally, anyone can follow that KDE-channel from mastodon

@alexl I'm available for your tests ๐Ÿ˜œ

@bob I see my channel has addons but I can't add a new one. Maybe is this achieved "installing a new app"? But I searched for "source" in available apps but I can't find it

@alexl what is your hub? If it's public, I could create an account and check the available apps.

@bob the issue is: I'm able to add a Mastodon account as source but I can't understand how I am supposed to add an RSS feed

@alexl try to add a new connection, and copy paste the RSS URL

@alexl you should add @kde as a source. Since I don't follow that account, we'll see if I can read the posts throught your test planet

@alexl It's strange. Maybe a bug in #mastodon. Worth opening an issue for investigation I guess.

@bob I don't think it's a Mastodon bug, it's the same for Pleroma. It seems to me that Hubzilla doesn't federate reshare actions via ActivityPub. Also, if I set channel source app to publish posts as planet-test they don't appear.

What federates through ActivityPub are just manually written posts

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