Wouldn't be cool to have in the the concept of (KDE Planet, Libreoffice Planet etc)?

I.e. follow a collective of actors being able to comment their articles (on , , + ) with notes as replies (what already happens on ).

This should make us able to discover new actors to follow. Of course the registration of actors must be approved like on planets by the corresponding community.

@alexl FYI, this is already possible in #Hubzilla with "Channel source". (You create a new channel called whatever-planet, and as sources you add all relevant actors and RSS feeds. And people follows this planet channel, even if they don't use Hubzilla)

@bob thank you but it's not what I meant, I want an ActivityPub actor that I can follow with any AP platform and view on any client. This actor basically just reshares every post from a list of actors, maybe only posts with a certain tag.

Ideally blogs that publish their articles with ActivityPub on an existing planet like Planet KDE would see every article with a tag of their choice (like ) reshared by this planet-actor and replies becomes comments on their blogs.

@alexl what I suggested is exactly what you want.


@bob I have an account on Hubzilla too, can you please tell me what's the right option in "create new channel" page?

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