Your weekly reminder that Linux is just a fucking kernel and what you call "Linux Desktop" never existed...

You can't define whole platforms and ecosystems and operating systems just by the kernel they are using.

Same reason why it doesn't matter a bit if android, really pixelos, is running on top of the linux kernel.

This is prompted by an article about "The linux desktop is in trouble" that echo chambers Torvald's fragmentation comments, cause of course w/e Linus says is unquestionable truth, despite half the time being ignorant comments with no-base in reality outside of his domain and expertise.

Anyhow, the article ended up calling for "standardised desktop catered to everyone" like that doesn't exists already.

The author is completely ignorant about what makes an OS and a platform.

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"Looking ahead, I'd love to see a foundation bring together the Linux desktop community and have them hammer out out a common desktop for everyone."

What about the GNOME or KDE foundations? or do those not count? What about the elementary folks doing an excellent job at designing their OS and ecosystem?

LINUX ISN'T THE FUCKING PLATFORM... Stop treating desktops environments as pluggable modules that you should be able to hotswap without that having an effect in functionality of your machine.

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@alatiera They do hotswap extremely well, but they can never hotswap perfectly.

Heck! The standards which allow that hotswapping acknowledges as much by allowing the different desktops to have their own configuration sections and an identifying environment variable.

@alcinnz Exactly, its insane to expect Geary to integrate perfectly with Plasma for example.

@alatiera @alcinnz yet people do expect every GTK app to fit in perfectly with platforms they weren't designed for :/

@brainblasted @alcinnz @alatiera To be fair, a big reason for that is that it's been used as a selling point for GNU/Linux since forever.

We need to get better at communicating that there is no "Linux" platform. GNOME, KDE, elementary, etc. are their own ecosystems, and apps designed for one of them don't automatically run on the others.


@tbernard @brainblasted @alcinnz @alatiera this is can be solved by making Freedesktop the platform and the DEs should implement its specifications. Sadly we have a particular DE that doesn't like to collaborate and makes things in its own way. More sadly that DE is considered the most important DE because of a tradition.

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@alexl @tbernard @brainblasted @alatiera The desktops do implement those specifications! And I've had near no issue porting Odysseus between those desktops thanks to that.

On the otherhand themes are not part of the specs (though icon themes are), and those are what these GNOME developers are complaining about.

In my app dev experience I am convinced GTK could do a better job shielding me from dealing with differences in themes, but I know that approach can never be perfect.

@alexl @tbernard @brainblasted @alatiera Feel free to read where I struggle to express nuance.

Because while I don't find targetting multiple FreeDesktop-client desktops and themes to be an issue, I don't want to dismiss the concerns of those who do.

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