@alexl @freakazoid direct link: trackthis.link 👍🏼

“Let us open 100 tabs of pure madness to fool trackers into thinking you're someone else.”

whoa this looks awesome! 😲

@lucy If you don't explain what that UI means I can't understand what's the issue. If you are sure please just tell me the line on the source of the page in which Google Analytics are used

@alexl it means my browser conntects to google analytics (or tries to) when I open this website, because it told the browser to do so
@alexl btw, these "tools" are very basic tracking protection, if you're interesed in this you should check them out


Dude, I know these tools, I'm not familiar with uMatrix UI and I think you would agree with me that is terrible.

Are you sure you understand how these tools work? If yes just tell me why they say Google Analytics is used but I can't find anything in the source of the page. Do you have an explanation?

@alexl yes: the external javascript part links to it, so you can't see it in the html source

@lucy I'm not familiar with it, I checked the source of the page line by line and I didn't find anything. Maybe you are just misinterpreting that tool...

@alexl @lucy it has trackers on it, Ublock origin and umatrix both list all domains requested in this section and indicate which ones they have blocked

@louisoft01 @lucy

Please paste the following on you Firefox addressbar:


and tell me at which line Google Analytics are used. The total is 26 lines, so you can check in a minute

@alexl @louisoft01 there's a js linked, (view-source:https://blog.mozilla.org/wp-content/mu-plugins/mozilla-custom/ga-snippet.js?ver=.3), there is a line where google analytics is used. might explain why it doesn't appear in the page source. umatrix shows to what domains your browser connects, not what links are used in the html part.
@alexl @lucy still connects the domain, this is why I have it blocked with my hosts file.
@alexl @louisoft01 as long as google analytics is linked there, and my browser is trying to execute a script from that domain, don't fucking tell me "it's not using goolge analytics"

@lucy hey dude calm down. "execute a script from that domain": are you sure? If you have Do Not Track enabled anything from Google Analytics should be executed

@lucy this is what the script by Mozilla is supposed to do, so your point is that Mozilla is fooling its users?

@alexl my point is that a "tracking bad" article is on a website that executes google analytics javascript

@lucy OMG you really don't understand? If you have Do Not Track enabled no data are sent to Google Analytics

@alexl it's still part of that website. that's what I'm talking about. of course I can block it so I don't care, it's still next level hypocrisy


Hypocrisy? Everything is how it was supposed to be, Mozilla supports Do Not Track standard. If this is not enough for you OK, but you can't accuse them of hypocrisy if you don't understand their statements and policies

You have simply used an add-on that mentions Google Analytics and now you are insisting on your starting point not wanting to admit that you were wrong

@alexl @lucy Can you specify the exact part where he is wrong?

@happynigger @lucy *using Google Analytics* while Mozilla is just honoring Do Not Track policy, then you can appreciate Do Not Track or not, but everything here is how it was supposed to be

@alexl @lucy > everything here is how it was supposed to be

Which is to use GA to track most visitors and not use it only for those who happen to support a horrible and deprecated (non-)standard (tools.ietf.org/html/draft-maye).

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@alexl @lucy That page does indeed use Google Analytics, as far as I'm concerned.

@alexl @lucy Do Not Track was a bullshit idea from the start. All it does is add another bit of entropy to your tracking profile.

@alexl @lucy I don’t use firefox as it’s spyware, I use ungoogled chromium and yes the site uses google analytics
@louisoft01 Mozilla uses Google Analytics in Firefox itself for extension telemetry. Makes sense for Mozilla to stick with them.

@alexl @lucy
@thatbrickster @louisoft01 @alexl yet umatrix doesn't show that google analytics is used if the site doesn't use it. so this doesn't fake the results
@lucy To your point I'm using LibreJS and it didn't pick up any Google stuff. That might be because it's blocking a script that does XHR.

@alexl @louisoft01
@alexl maybe the links aren't in the source of the page, but loaded using js in runtime
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