@alexl @mdallastella I know that this isn't the case, but I fear that motions like this[1] may proliferate statements like that one. Or maybe I'm just paranoic 馃檪

[1] zdnet.com/article/germany-to-p

@ilpianista @mdallastella

"- Must support sandboxing. All browser components must be isolated from each other and the operating system. Communication between the isolated components may only take place via defined interfaces. Direct access to resources of isolated components must not be possible.
- Web pages need to be isolated from each other, ideally in the form of stand-alone processes."

Push JavaScript everywhere, then pretend this as a fix...

@alexl it's like the late 90's all over again I'm

Just don't use their service or offer and tell them. Don't making money with you as a customer is the only language they understand.

@darkblue I only use Firefox so if a website doesn't work I don't even try with Chrome, I just go beyond :)

@alexl There should be a simple set of minimum standards that any browser can implement, and requiring any proprietary product beyond this is considered implicit support for antitrust purposes.

@alexl The problem is, I'm not sure if there are truly standard-compliant implementations, or how much essential stuff is "undefined behavior" in HTML/CSS/JS like in C/++.


I did find it though 馃憞 This is some serious bullshit

@inditoot @alexl What does that even mean, considering !firefox does have agreements with multiple search engines?

@inditoot @alexl Didn't know Chrome is a search engine. Ah, wait, it is: It searches the data of people all over the world and transmits it to Google. But whether that's "legal", I don't know鈥

Well, I'd never book a flight with them. With such a backward understanding, I could not be sure what I'd end up with. And with that context, "Cleartrip" certainly stands for "Clear(ly book your) trip (elsewehere)".

@alexl depends on how you read it, there is no comma or the like to tell you what is connected how: "a search engine like Google Chrome" or "browser 鈥 like Google Chrome".

But it's not worth discussing. It's a lame excuse rather meaning "a browser that doesn't let you block our trackers", I guess鈥 As I said: mark it dead, book elsewhere.

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