😡 NFT - I'm in total ideological conflict with the idea AND the technic.
Today I saw my art " Yin and Yang of world hunger" (license: CC non commercial/non derivative) on OpenSea platform posted by someone. What a shame. #nftart is open door to all type of scam...

#nft #capitalismenumérique #cryptoart #nfts #blockchain

@davidrevoy It's one thing they sell tweets and not-theirs artworks, but *who buys it*? Like, I don't get, why would anyone do that? I get why people would buy stuff on Redbubble & co without checking the seller because the design is cute, but here, when you don't even get anything? Can anyone explain it to me?

@tiar I don't understand either. 😐

Maybe buyers have the feeling to own a small 'unique' part of the art. Even if it is a digital number... Like owning the Sha of a commit on Git. Imo, it's just an abstract speculative market....

This article is where I learned about what was NFT: theverge.com/22310188/nft-expl (I recommend) , and also the wiki page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-fung (a bit too hard, I couldn't understand it at first, technical)



I'm pretty sure this is illegal in all nations that recognize intellectual property. They could do this only with material licensed under CC-BY or equivalent.

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