YouTube deletes an Italian channel with 14 years of history, half a million subscribers and two thousand videos.

In less than 24h it receives from its followers more than โ‚ฌ150,000 needed to buy a national TV channel to broadcast throughout Italy.

's will be the first case in the history of a YouTube channel that has become a TV channel completely crowdfunded:

ยท ยท Husky ยท 11 ยท 70 ยท 93

@alexl Well, it appears to be at least an antivax channel. Frankly, YT actually did a good thing.

@Singularity @alexl I don't support closing a channel out, but there's some things that should be a bannable offense, especially telling people to not get vaccinated when there's a pandemic.
@Jessica @Singularity @alexl It's not what "I think", it's an objective observable measurable fact.

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Do you have a source on that?

Yes, people die every year but as with the last year it died 7500 more in Sweden than comparable years before it. It was the first time in 100 years the life expectancy actually got lower.. Total deaths of Covid is 13000+ right now and Sweden is not the worst in the class... many European countries have had a much harder time.

So the observable fact suggest there is a pandemic..

@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl These are public numbers. 7500 is 0.072% of the total population.


@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Yes, and your are numbers from god, or?

Also.. I don't really need public numbers to see the effect of the pandemic. I work in health care and I see the pandemics effect every day... a big difference today from earlier pandemics is that we have better hospitals and thus saves a lot more lives. We have also better treatments, communications e.t.c..

This is not a regular flu season... far from it.

@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Not from God, I told you it's public figures.

>"I work in health care".
That's the definition of anecdotal data.

>"This is not a regular flu season"
Did I say it was? No, I say that it is not a pandemic. Learn to read.

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Right now I think it you who is pretty anecdotal... at least for me. Unless you can give an actual like to a source.

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Ok, so the guy only uses two months (june and july) to makes his estimates... convenient.. I suggest you get some actual real facts/data that is not obfuscated.. What a joke..

You can see the data here

As you can see the average per year is about 90 000... except for 2020. That year it is 98 000. The year before it was 89 000. So what was it that happened to raise death 1/10 by year?

@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl

>guy only uses two months (june and july)
No, you absolute retard, that's a different chart. There are many charts on that thread.

I don't open .xlsx files, sorry. I'll trust you, and I agree that it's possible to have an excess 8k deaths. And as I told you before, that's a 0.07%, not significant. You need to see things in perspective, otherwise you'll be easily fooled.

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Yes, and he only used those two months on all the charts what I could see.. so pretty much useless...

It is almost 1 in 10th (i.e. 10% increase) more deaths than a normal year. I would say that is significant... and it would have been a lot worse if it wasn't for the regulations and health care given... and Sweden is about in the lower middle of the pack so a lot of countries have it much worse.

@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl

>almost 1 in 10th (i.e. 10% increase)

Isn't that what you see on the chart?
Same happened in 1993 and 1988.

You're not paying attention.
You're not contradicting what I say, you're confirming it, you just don't know how to see in perspective.
@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl And this is the chart that includes data for 2 months. Not the one that I posted before.
And it's not useless, it's a pretty good analysis actually.
@Jessica @Singularity @alexl @shellkr Oh, that's not it, lol. You're giving me the retard virus.
The second post on that thread uses two months to represents the flu season.
The rest of the charts use "July to June" periods, that's a whole year..

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl No, because 1993 it was about 2000 more deaths and 1988 it was about 3000. You have to go back pretty far to get a ~10% increase.. so it is significant. 2020 is also a year that breaks a downward trend. It is also a year that lowers the life expectancy which is very unusual and haven't happened in about 100 years. Last time that happened was 1968 but that was a smaller dip and before that, the Spanish flu.

It is far from a normal year...

@shellkr @Jessica @Singularity @alexl That only means that previous years old people were not dying a lot (below probability) and it went back to normal. It is not beyond what was expected for 2020.

Besides, "it was only 3000 in 1988", but what age profile and how many in total? You're clearly not a data analyst. This guy that made the charts is a professional, you can see that it's a fine piece of work what he made.
@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl pandemics probably don't exist in general but atleast I'm willing to compromise with the covidiots and blame fat people, but nOooOOo they don't want that either

Scientists offer several possible explanations for the high mortality rate of the 1918 influenza pandemic, including a severe six-year climate anomaly that affected the migration of disease vectors and increased the likelihood of the spread of the disease through bodies of water.[7] Some analyses have shown the virus to be particularly deadly because it triggers a cytokine storm, which ravages the stronger immune system of young adults.[8] In contrast, a 2007 analysis of medical journals from the period of the pandemic found that the viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains.[9][10] Instead, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene, all exacerbated by the recent war, promoted bacterial superinfection. This superinfection killed most of the victims, typically after a somewhat prolonged death bed
@ew @Jessica @Singularity @alexl They also began at that time with mass vaccination experiments, what I think was the real cause. Anyway...
Respiratory viruses are harmless, they've always been.

@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl YEP! Can't convince people to read if they refuse to read though. Do some research Jess!

@jrballesteros05 @Jessica @Singularity @alexl I don't think so. The verifiable presence of the southern celestial pole makes it impossible.
@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Yes even before the coronavirus, the vaccines have had the bad effects. In Kenya the Catholic Church had 5 samples of the tetanus vaccine sent to 5 separate independent labs to be tested, and they all found that the vaccine caused the immune system to attack the hcg, which is a normal hormone during pregnancy. The result of this is that the vaccine caused the sterilization. The vaccines were only being given to girls between the ages of 14 and around 40, and not to men at all.

Here is a video on the subject.
@mystik @Jessica @Singularity @alexl Here is an article from the WHO from 1992 where they talk about using the vaccines against hcg to cause sterility.

That spike is quite considerable since it only takes into account the beginning of the pandemic. It would be interesting to see the winter wave on the graph.

@StampedingLonghorn It hasn't changed much, we already have numbers for the whole year. Only 7k extra deaths compared to previous 4-5 years. That's 0.7% of the population, that's nothing.

Watch the video from Germany that I posted recently.

Tell that to the families of the 7,000 people, especially when many people were trying to keep from catching and spreading the virus.

@StampedingLonghorn @mystik Tell the 99.3% of the population that didn't die of this virus that their livelihoods need to be destroyed and their races replaced for muh covid so that 0.7% of the population, mostly geriatrics anyway, can avoid death.

@NEETzsche @mystik
With a 6% mortality rate in the US, it would've killed millions in this country if the virus was left unchecked.

Mรฉxico's mortality rate of over 10% resulted from a lack of mitigations and would've resulted in 33 million deaths in the US if everyone had come down from the virus.

@StampedingLonghorn @NEETzsche Where do you get that 6% crazy number? lol, that's total bullshit.
@mystik @StampedingLonghorn @NEETzsche he's probably confusing the "only 6% of deaths marked as covid are actual deaths by covid as per the cdc"

I took the number of deaths and divided it by the sum of number of recovered cases plus the number of deaths.

Why not? The news was coming up with higher percentages because they took the number of deaths divided by current infections.

@StampedingLonghorn because you just can't. it's not that simple. how do you know a person would have died if they had the flu instead? you don't.

Because the state health departments used the number of cases that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

@StampedingLonghorn those include accidents like falling down stairs

@ew Some sources say the number of coronavirus cases is underrepresented because of people who don't have access to healthcare that died in their homes.

@StampedingLonghorn okay but I don't know how more simply I can put this. how do you prove someone who died with covid would have died or not if they had the flu?

@ew I don't, but half a million people don't die of influenza in the US every year.

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I used to create maps of coronavirus data that was coming from the CDC and state health departments. During the early stages of the pandemic, the mortality rate in PA alone was 10% then dropped to 6% as time went on.

@StampedingLonghorn Are you fucking stupid? Am I not showing you that Sweden, where people did literally nothing, just had a bad flu season?

What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't you see reality? Brainwashed!

That was incomplete data that showed up to March when the virus just barely showed up.

Like I said in the US, it's 6% mortality rate for the year; Mรฉxico is 10%.

@StampedingLonghorn No, it's not. You must be drunk or something. Or brainwashed.

You're a fucking joke.

The Mรฉxican gov't even stated this week that the actual deaths may be underrepresented quite a bit.

@StampedingLonghorn You pulled out of your ass a 6% figure. You're a joke, man.

@mystik The US is 6%. What I gave you was Mรฉxico, which is even higher.
2.5 million cases; of which ยผ million people died.

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