Finally a full-featured FOSS keyboard for Android:

- Swipe on scrollbar to move the cursor
- Swipe on delete button to select text
- Select all, cut, copy, paste and move cursor buttons
- Integrated clipboard (history) that sync with the system one
- Cancel and repeat buttons
- Swipe to type
- One hand mode
- Emoji

Now it just need buttons for custom text to quickly type personal email addresses, phone numbers or particular unicode and it will be perfect!

@alexl I use OpenBoard for quite some time now. Available through
Pretty good, but the word correction can get freaky.

Florisboard looks intresting. What I really really need is a shortcut while typing via the android dictionary.
Like typing just "go" and recommend "Good bye and have a nice day" e.g.
It saves me a lot of time and probably the best thing ever on a soft keyboard.

@alexl looks awesome wheres the source? Also is it possible to make swipe to delete from anywhere on the keyboard?

@krruzic @alexl I haven't used that feature before, so no idea if this is what you're looking for. I see there is a feature named "Delete key swipe left" under Settings - Gestures. Is this the same thing?


That is swipe FROM the delete button that let you select arbitrary characters and delete them

Maybe @krruzic wants this but with swipe from anywhere, that at the moment can be set to delete just the last word

@alexl @adnan360 thank you this is the best keyboard app I've ever used. Autocorrect would be nice. Long press backspace to delete a word would be cool too.

@alexl Thanks! Swype keyboard is proprietary and is not in AOSP/LOS. So I was looking for a #freesw alternative. And this is it.

It has the feature named as "Glide typing" (under Gestures inside Settings). It's maybe 40-60% accurate, but I can live with that. Just need to be a bit precise while moving fingers.

And +1 to the project for having it on F-droid.

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