@alexl @deadsuperhero Yes, but not only #Mastodon should be compatible with the Diaspora protocol, but #Diaspora should also be compatible with the Mastodon/oStatus protocol. That's not only fair, but also gives a lot more stability. A shared federation library would eventually be the best thing. But hรฉ, I'm not a coder ;-)

@deadsuperhero @jeroenpraat if Mastodon will act as a Diaspora pod, why Diaspora should implement Mastodon protocol and vice versa?

@alexl @deadsuperhero Why should Mastodon act as a Diaspora server? And not Diaspora as a Mastodon server? Sharing the load is a good principle. And if one of the protocols fails you have a good fallback.

Also in Hubzilla they had/have bad experience with implementing the Diaspora protocol to be able to federate. The protocol constantly changed/changes and not all pods use the same software version (causing unstable side-affects).

@deadsuperhero @jeroenpraat in fact I wrote "vice versa". I don't know which one is the best, but I don't understand why Mastodon and Diaspora can'tโ€‹ just use one common protocol...? (both it's better, OK, but why one is not enough for you?)

@alexl @deadsuperhero There are many reasons they don't use the same protocol. Actually both protocols are not perfect. Eventually the best will a some kind of standardized federation protocol, a kind of lingua franca.

@deadsuperhero @jeroenpraat I don't mean the using the same protocol. Both Diaspora and Mastodon should continue to use their solutions for their own pod. What I wondering is why two way to connect Diaspora and Mastodon pods together

@jeroenpraat @alexl

Hypothetically, most federated web platforms would only need to speak two protocols during the transition period: their own native protocol for their platform, and a "common" protocol for other platforms.

The more important aspect here is that applications need to uphold similar policies, regarding privacy implementations.

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