So many controversies on Stallman and Brendan Eich while we have in FOSS people (unconsciously) collaborating with those criminals who are responsible for the worst crime, literally a genocide, in Europe.

It's 2019 and many people still don't know EU is a regime, a fusion of nazism and capitalism, the temple of neoliberism and technocracy, even worse than USA and USSR.

But there is hope. In future more and more people will understand Modern Monetary Theory and see the criminal plan behind EU.

has the largest lithium deposits on Earth.

Evo Morales began nationalizing the lithium like he did with the natural gas before he was toppled in a US-backed coup.

This is not a โ€œvictory for democracyโ€. Itโ€™s an assault on a predominantly indigenous nationโ€™s sovereignty.

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And now I have got different color scheme for window title bar / Latte Dock depending on the site opened in the browser.

(the colors are still manually defined for each site, but it should be possibile to write a script for that)

He blocked me, of course he doesn't have an account on . But he likes to spread fake news. People like him don't know what is.

Also, even if Gab was full of "extreme right" people not blocking it doesn't imply "embrancing the extreme right". This is what ideologies do, they make people crazy, paranoid and irrational.

So if I don't block for example YouTube links on my instance I embranced surveillance capitalism?

Now tell me isn't real.

"F-droid is a *private* service provider and has as much right to filter..." No. Filtering online content posted by users on social networks is not a job for F-droid. Not to mention that this filter is based on subjective impressions and ideologies.

and , forever.

Just a featuring a responsive title bar with a tab bar exported by the app, the colors of the inactive title bar match theme (by default 90% opaque white)

~~ GNOME and capitalism ~~ 

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